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  1. I started this avi 3 days ago. I chose one of the Classic avi's which I assume is a mesh one that L.L. offered for new accounts. Danikas design has an applier for their Skins to use with maitreya which I bought and applied as directed.The danika skin is working as it should on the body, hands and feet but for whatever reason I still have the orginal Skin Teexture on the head of the avi I started the account with. My older avi (3 Years old) has all the same, Danika and Maitreya and I had no problems with the skin tone covering everything. This one has me perplexed .... I,m making this avi to give to a friend that cannot afford anything more than a basic avi.I,m planning to spend at least 15K to fully set it up . I thought that maybe I should take off the maitreya and the danika skin and start the basic avi over with the OLDER TYPE avi that they had before the MESH ones but I can't figure out how I go about that
  2. OK,,, Well, I bought Maitreya and a Danika design skin along with the applier to apply the skin to the mesh body... I put on the mesh body, added the skin as doirected AND used the danika hud to match the skin tone. All went well BUT my head is a much lighter shade.I looks like the orginal skin tone . This is a new avi, just a few days old. Any ideas on how I can get the head to match the rest of the body skin tone?
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