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  1. Hi all I hope to be able to start contributing to the community forums here more often. I'm still learning the ropes. I have boughts some land and placed a club and many members say i have jumped in too quick. However, whats done is done :). I would be highly interested in helpful advice. In terms of what would be the best theme in terms of attracivity for members. Should it be just 80's , wide spectrub etc etc ...... I also have a small mall on my land, i'm offering spaces in their free of charge to anyone that can help and advise me. I'm not looking or trying to make any money. I just want to offer something cool and have a jiving place :) I take on board everyones comments , and appreciate your time !. Kind Regards Britboy90
  2. Hey Guys I have just opening a new club called Club tropicana - Drinks are free ! Looking for help and direction on where to take it. I need hosts , staff, dj's and so on.... If you have any great ideas on management or the direction of the club, i'd be happy to hear from you. Feel free to check it out or add me or message. http://slurl.com/secondlife/Scurfield/32/192
  3. Hi Guys Im Britboy90 , i'm a 4 day old member so still learning things. However in ambition of seeing other projects etc developing in SL, i have bought some land and started a club. Still alot ot learn and looking to make friends and meet new people :) Looking for advice and help with running a club etc. All help apprecated. My club is Club Tropicana - Drinks are free ! Please visit or hit me up !
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