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  1. Thankyou for your reply:) I don't know a huge amount about mesh bodies; is Omega a very popular one? I use a Maitreya mesh body, so I'm guessing Omega is a similar type of thing? In terms of mesh heads, is a compatible skin for mesh heads expected in skin packs, or is it generally quite rare? When I've bought skins in the past most seem to be just normal skins not with mesh appliers. When you buy a skin, do you expect to get all tones in a pack, with different eyebrows etc? Or are they gernerally bought in specific ranges of tones? How much would you expect to buy a skin for?
  2. Hey guys, I have advanced experience texturing skins on other chat websites, and I want to start using Second Life! I was here a few years ago briefly, but a lot had changed since then. I was wondering now, when I submit a skin, what sort of things will I need to consider? When you buy a skin, what do you expect to recieve?
  3. Awesome, thankyou I know that one's free, which is probably a good shout as I haven't meshed before. How is blender with hair meshing?
  4. Hey there, I'm fairly new to Second Life again after a long abscence, and want to start creating. Most of my experience is in Texturing, but I am curious about being able to mesh. I was just wondering what the most popular Modelling software people use here? i.e. for making mesh clothing etc. Any help appreciated! :)
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