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  1. See, I tried to find Cage Club, cuz it's where I use to go, but every time I search it, it doesn't show up. It's been a couple years, so I assumed the place was gone. Also, thanks for the advice!
  2. So, most of the strip clubs I've searched for require you to be a VIP member to strip. Is there anywhere that allows non-VIP/regular patrons to dance and earn tips?
  3. I'm not necessarily new. My account is several years old, but I've taken the past two off because I didn't have time to play. Not only that, but many of the demos I have tried have been atrocious. I want good quality items since I have the currency for it, I just don't know what is generally considered "good".
  4. It's been a while since I've been on SL and mesh seems to have taken over. I know Matrieya (sp?) is popular, but searching the marketplace, I can't find the actual mesh bodies. Just clothes and accessories. Can someone tell me how to find them or link me to them?
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