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  1. yeah i have that one.. it is nice... maybe i am just being to picky>?.. but thanks for the help
  2. yeah i have bought several off MP.. just cant get the look i want... but thank you
  3. I am trying to find some one who can make me a really good wonder woman outfit for my maitreya body... not a outfit that is hud driven. but one that is actual clothing i wear... prefer it to be a corset and then the pantie style bottoms. Not a thong . just normal cute bottoms. more the traditional wonder woman look... I have included a couple picks to help with what i am looking for... like it to be shiny and spandex looking if possible...
  4. Looking for someone to build A avatar for me. I like her shape to be like this.. http://se5revolution.s3.amazonaws.com/uploads/6296/b001c51f-fc85-4b73-8211-3838f6c5c147.thumb.jpg http://se5revolution.s3.amazonaws.com/uploads/6296/a4bb1e5f-6274-4248-b590-62c9c25bdd1a.thumb.jpg with a shiny blue leotard with a thin red trim and nylons under it..same blond hair....no cape....mask...and boots..my character is wrestling superheroine....also with a lightining bolt on chest or boots...not sure what this would cost to have done?..message me if interested.....thanks
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