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  1. Does anyone know any good male clothes for the 1st act werewolf body? Prefebly a sleevles red hoodie and shorts that have some form of designe on 'em that could glow (Doesn't need to that glow parts just for fun) Before people say just search the market I already did everything I find clips through my chest or around my shoulders :/
  2. The body is from the ast act store http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/1st%20Act/106/96/2604 the male athletic canine
  3. (I feel like I am over using the forums to find things but all I find are the same things over and over xD) Anyone know where I can buy a fishnet top for male avatars that fits all or almost anyone? All I keep finding are specific body typed fishnets for example the asthetic body :/ P.S. If posible anyone know where I could get good rave pants or shorts that are not skeleton bound in a sense I've wasted about 2,000L$ on linden that doesn't even fit and can't be modyfied -3- but thats my own fault.
  4. Hi I was wondering if anyone knew of anything on the market about tiger tails I kep searching but can't really find much that isn't static :/ Not saying there bad just not what I'm looking.
  5. Awesome!!! Thanks for the info and links ^^
  6. Hi I was wondering if anyone knows of a good DJ set on the shop that has animations with it? I've searched but haven't really found anything. Either I'm sucking at it or I amd blind as a bat.... It's mianly for my home so when I have some fun or have friends over we RP ect. fun fun ^^
  7. Thanks a lot! You were extreamly helpful and clear Thanks again for responding :3
  8. Hi! I just gotten my own linden home and I'm about to decorate it but how do I stream music? I just spent about 1-2 hours trying to figure it out but everything I find I'm sturggling with. Theres this one where someone like torley? showed something but unless I did something wrong nothing is streamed into my home.
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