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  1. no responses... well the only way I can think to make this work is to fit the head much lower than it should be so there are no gaps betwee it and the neck. then edit the shape and add a massive long neck until the head sits in the original place. not too sure if that will work and i think it could have side effects with fitting hair and anything else that is rigged to the neck. Thanks
  2. im curious about fitting the venus (or m3) anime head to the Maitreya Lara body I beleve someone makes a tone / applier in the same shade for the respective head/body but fitting instructions seems to be lacking. putting the head on the body requires using the venus alpha (at this point the entire system body can still be seen) adding the Maitreya alpha hides the system body (the system neck can still be seen) this way leaves the system neck as some kind of hodge podge make do neck extender which also requires a matching system body skintone (which is in the folder with the body applier comes with so I have to think it is intended?) but even with this wonky fitting mechanism it isn't seamless, there are very noticable gaps where the head dosn't connect up with the neck. fitting this way feels wrong, am I missing something, is there a different/better way to fit this? thanks
  3. old account 5+years enters sim been several times already. at spawn does not move from it but does these really mechanical 30 degree rotations. poofs. what is it and why ? I suspect some kind of bot but to what end, I am cruious!
  4. It was a clothing mod I was trying but moving onto other ideas I have a sort of related question (something I have seen people doing) to add tat layers to a body that dosn't have them. they make a second copy of a body and use a alpha skin with a tattoo drawn onto it, Sl aparently renders the original body as normal with the tattoo on top as if it were part of the same skin. seems a bit of a glitchy way todo things but works and seems to get used a fair bit, are there any downsides to doing this kind of mod? does it double to download of the user or does the body only have to load once(second from cache) ? thanks again
  5. I believe "invisprim effect" is exactly the issue I was having, turning on advanced lighting did nothing but adding Masking fixed the sorting glitches perfectly, thanks so much ! "Note: There is no semi transparancy with alpha masking. But it's great to avoid alpha sorting glitches" Im basically trying to cut something like a heart shape out of an item, does this mean that while using masking I can't use antialising to make the cuts look smooth ? (hate jaggies may have to change to making the mod for the other item)
  6. Sorry for the tiny picture maybe later I can upload a larger one or an animated gif to show what I mean. "What happens if you use Alpha mode: Masking" Im kind of new to modding not really sure what you mean by this? I added the alpha into the texture (via png) "Is the item in question a mesh? Then there is a thread which discusses the checker pattern issue with alpha." yes, but I don't think Im having the exact issue, Im gettng phisical holes in the texture that shift around as I move the camera "Though, if you can't change the mesh, you may be out of luck." I can maybe copy the mod onto another cheaper / similar item that does not mirror the inside face but this is a cheaper mesh item and not as detailed or featured. Thanks for the response.
  7. Im messing around trying to modify the shape of some clothing by using alpha in a texture to cut the parts out I don't want I reshaped the item and I am using a solid colour just to test how this will come out, I do have the desired shape when I look directly at the item from the outside. The inside of the item uses the same texture / surface as the outside but when viewing the inside surface through the alpha portion of the outside surface it produces this odd effect... Every other outside face will alpha inside surface making a sort of moving checkered hole effect  I can't redo the model since it was created by someone else, is there any way I can get around this odd bug thing? Thanks
  8. " 2/why dosn't invisible mode work properly Not sure what you mean by that. Can you explain?" yep, I tried this with a friend, I set them invisible sometimes it still says "has come online/offline", also if you directly send them a message when they are "offline" instead of giving a message saying "this message will be stored" it just goes through letting them know you are online and have them invisible. re:reset accounts:items being saved to the owner name and not id, I used to work with databases writing import export conversion scripts (mssql) this stuff can be pretty intensive depending on how many records you are working on but I wouldn't say impossible. user created items would have to be set to nobody (which is possible I have seen some creators do this) it would however probably break redelivery but still allow the user to keep the original. Would just need to put the time into developing a script but yeah I can't see it happening even though I could see it working, I played another game where people often fork out close to $20usd to change servers with one avatar and they would do it with 2 3 sometimes 4! and in some cases for the soul purpose of gaining a new identity(with 1) anyway thanks for the feedback on that , I find it interesting cache: I will up the cache, it was on 2gb and also add virus scanner exclusion to this directoy (if it supports it) thanks ^ ^
  9. 1/cache once this thing caps (I think around 1.6 ~ 1.8gb) firestorm load times become unbarable (upto a minute initializing texture cache) entering new sims or camming around sometimes give upwards of 40second deadlocks where hard drive thrashes. whats causing it? guessing firestorm is scanning thought all the texutres and clearing the ones that don't have many hits ? this problem goes away every time by competly emptiing the texturecache, is there a better solution to this issue? 2/why dosn't invisible mode work properly and why does someone get a personal note in their trashcan telling them who deleted them? if I want rid of someone that is a hassle I don't care to have them dig through the trash to find me and ask why I removed them, why does it work this way? 3/slightly related to above this is more of a suggestion but I can't beleve linden have not done this already. several people I met said they are onto their second accounts ... why not $5 ~ $10 USD keep all your stuff reset your account age / friends list and get a new resident name, get the impression so many peope would use this, why dosn't this exist?
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