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  1. Club Nerdvana is looking for Dancers and DJs. Dancers keep 90 percent of tips and DJs keep 100 percent. We would even hire people just for our Grand Opening events this weekend, if you are just looking to make some extra lindens. Club Nerdvana is a geek/nerd themed club. Our Grand Opening events will be to raise money for Relay For Life of Second LIfe. We are very commited to this cause. We hire avatars of all types and experince levels. If this sounds like a good fit for you, we would love to speak with you. Stop by the club or send a Notecard to TeslaAngel Resident.
  2. Club Nerdvana is having our Grand Opening event on 4/17 with 6 hours (3 events). All will be formal. We would like a find 1 or more businesses that would be willing to donate gift cards, gift bags, or some other type of prize. Prizes will be handed out by raffle (proceds going to Relay For Life), door prizes, and contest prizes. We would even consider paying for prizes at a discounted rate. If intersted, please contact TeslaAngel Resident. Thank you
  3. Club Nerdvana is a geeky person's dream! If you love Scifi, fantasty, gaming, or anime, this is great place for you to work! We are LGBT and Non-Human avatar friendly! We will even train someone with no experince or who is new to SL. We are hiring Hosts, Dancers, DJs, and Managers! Come by today and grab an application from our board or message TeslaAngel Resident or Momokii! Thank you! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Attraction/42/102/3801
  4. Club Nerdvana is a brand new club that will be opening very soon. We are accpeting applications for DJs, Dancers, Hosts, and Managers. We are a geek/nerd themed sim that hires avatars of all types and genders! We wont everyone to be able to be themselves. We are even willing to train the right people! https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Hand-hold-microphone/1112261
  5. Still looking for a General Manager, Host Manager, Dance Manager, and DJ Manager
  6. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Attraction/11/91/3801Hey there! We would love to have you come and apply at Club Nerdvana.
  7. Club Nerdvana is under construction and we are now acceptiong applications as we prepare for our Grand Opening! Club Nerdvana is a Geek/Nerd themed club that takes pride in welcoming all genders and avatar types to apply with us! We are looking for Dancers, DJs, and Hosts! Also, looking for special Furry dancers for our Furry Friday Parties! If you are looking for somewhere that you can let all your geek hang out, in a judgement free zone, Club Nerdvana is the place for you! No matter what fandom you love, its welcome here! Anime, Star Wars, Games, Firefly, or whatever! Club Nerdvana is the club for the geek in you! Please come by and put in an application, but parden our construction! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Attraction/17/92/3801
  8. Hi hi! ^_^ I'm Tess and I'm returning to SL after a year long break (My computer blew up). I am starting all over with a new avatar because the old one had to many bad memories....anyway...I don't really know anyone that still plays and I am looking to meet a few new people. Intrests- British tv (DW, Sherlock), anime, gaming, RP, Comic book movies/tv shows, board games, and a few other things
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