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  1. All my friends can log in, its been doing this for an hour now. I've restarted my internet, downloaded a new client, went on a seperate account. I don't know what to do. https://i.gyazo.com/a13122257bee4821533d60397f0f6fff.png Says that everytime!! Help D: UPDATE : now its saying this too, im so confused!! http://prntscr.com/blefxs
  2. I am looking to purchase a custom mesh head. Message me in game to talk about pricings and details. I am willing to pay a lot for this mesh head if it is exactly what I'm looking for and ideal to my needs. (: Thanks!
  3. Hallo lovely strangers! I am fairly new to Second Life, and I've found myself curious with this scenario/question.. If anyone could help me understand I'd be very thankful! Thankyou! Ooo! This isn't my current situation at all, I was just genuinely curious because it's a pretty unique scenario and none of my friends knew how to anwser it. "Supposedly I'm currently residing in a group sim with friends and to access the sim you have to be a part of the group, and I've placed numerous amounts of furniture/objects down and made myself a home in the sim- and let’s say supposedly one day the owner of the sim and group decided that she/he hated me and kicks me out of the group/sim entirely. I wouldn't be able to go back into the sim because its group only to retreive my items so.. Would my objects that I placed be gone forever? How would I be able to get them back? Aand what would be the process of getting the items back.." Pretty strange! But any help to anwsering this- I'd be soo thankful! Thanks!
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