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  1. Tried that a looooong time ago and they never answered.
  2. Sorry if I asked this before, but I decided to put it in this thread in hopes of someone having an answer. 
  3. Bump, still looking for the hair.
  4. Yeah because I can't find it anywhere
  5. Where are these hairs? And if they are unavailable, are there hairs similar to these? 
  6. So, I can't really jump or run. When I jump, I jump really low and it is kind of slow. I can't go down stairs or I will float and it is really slow. I can't really run at all either, any help?
  7. So when I try to apply stockings to my Maitreya Body the only thing that appears are the feet texture, but the whole stocking gets cut off. For instance, I try to apply thigh high socks and the ony thing that shows are the feet textures but not for the entire leg.
  8. Oh okay, so can just use the developer kit to apply the textures to the mesh body?
  9. Alright so I bought the Maitreya Mesh Body and I tried trying on clothes that were for the standard avatar, not the clothes that were "Objects", and they dont appear on the mesh body. Is there anyway I can make them comptabilbe besides using appliers, since most of the clothes I have don't use appliers....
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