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  1. I have been in Secondlife for some time. I am mostly a role player, paragraph role play. I tend to spend quite a bit on my avatar. Now, I have come to the point where I would really like to upgrade to the Legacy Body. But my real life situation is not allowing me to spend that much in one go on something that isn't as useful to me as for example food. So I am looking for ways to earn some lindens. Honestly just enough to afford my Legacy body and a skin. I have basic experience with basic 3D programs like Blender and Maya and I also have some experience putting tattoos together but I am not good at drawing. What could be a good way to get around 6500 to 7000 lindens? What kind of relatively easy to make products sell well? Or are there other temporary jobs that allow you to make an income like that? I don't want to be stuck to something as I tend to come to SL for relaxation, role play and socialising. (running my own store is possible though, I am relatively good in a customer support role)
  2. In this thread; 15th birthday secondlife ; there was told that we could change our last names / usernames in the future. And that we'd get more details later 'this' year. But now the year is almost over and we've still not heard much about it. When are we going to get this feature?
  3. LuxCross

    Mesh Hoverboard

    Hi! I have no experience at all at making things in secondlife. But my first project I'm working on is a mesh futuristic hoverboard.. like a futuristic flying skateboard, basically. But since there are so few good ones out there that you can attach and use instead of rezzing it (because on most sims, rezzing isn't allowed), I figured I'd try making one myself. I'm not very good at meshing so I decided to buy a mesh model from a website with commercial rights to it. And edit it to my wishes, and re-texture it. Now I've done just that. And now I got it inside SecondLife. Uploaded, cost me 39L. But I'm not sure how I am supposed to proceed now. The idea is to have a few outputs glow in various colors, to add poses to the attachment, so when your avi stands on it, they are idle standing. Not static, though. And I'd like a color changing hud for it, to change the color of the glows and textures of the mesh. - And.. to indicate when it's moving, when your avi is moving, that one exhaust emits a faint glow to indicate it's actually moving. I'd like to receive some tips on the best and well.. most cheap way to do this. I don't really make this hoverboard to make profit from it. It's mainly for the people of a roleplay sim I'm roleplaying at, and for myself. But depending on how much Lindens I put into it, I will likely try to sell it on the Marketplace too for like a 100L at most to earn that bit back.
  4. Hi! Earlier this week I was trying out a free version of The Sims 4, and I was amazed with how much detail and how good the characters look. So I began wondering if it's possible to make a bento head look exactly like my The Sims 4 character. Obviously it should be possible with the customization features but I'm not very good with sliders and with bento at all. Maybe people have tips for me. Like which bento head is best to use for this, which skin is best to use for this. I would really love to receive advice. Perhaps people have a suggestion for me on skin, or on the bento head. For me, the facial features (nose, eyes, lips, cheeks, chin, etc.) are important to this specific style of character. If anyone perhaps knows a shape similar to this, I'd love to know as well. Because I'm not very good at making facial shapes. Below is my The Sims 4 character.
  5. Thank you! And well.. I don't want the mainland because I want to be able to put some dummy urban buildings around it to make a realistic skyline around the apartment. So yes.. and it absolutely needs to be an adult sim. I want to be able to do whatever I want on my own land.. especially because I will be using it for roleplay and I want to be able to just block off anyone camming inside of my property.
  6. Hi! I am looking for platform rentals.. A sky platform to just put my skybox apartment on and where I can make the surroundings appear urban like. This would be my first time renting such a thing so I would like some advice from people who have had good expierences with good real estate places. I am looking for something between 250 and 500 prims for 250-500L$ a week.
  7. I've been looking into making tattoo's and clothing layers for Maitreya or Omega, mainly for the omega body as I want to make own tattoo's or atleast give a try at it. I've been browsing for tutorials all across google but without luck, some are outdated or some are for specific mesh bodies. I've found a Maitreya Dev kit from the store however. And I happen to have Adobe Photoshop CS6. But I have no clue where to start, how to start and how to get it into SL. Is there anyone who could explain to me how? Or knows a link to a tutorial?
  8. I'm looking for someone who can make me a custom tattoo for Maitreya Lara. I need high quality, like Isuka or TAOX. I've tried messaging Isuka but she hasn't replied yet and my patience after a week and a half has unfortunately ran out. The tattoo's should be just sleeves with a spanish/french style or something a bit with those kind of things: http://www.tattooeasily.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/Mexican-Tattoos.jpg And roses and other spanish gangster-ish themes. I don't actually want any gang tags or signs present though. it doesn't even have to be entirely custom, if you have a tattoo you think I might like and can modify it so that the sleeves are only visible, be my guest. Just reply below or IM me in SL to speak about prices :)
  9. I've been looking for Maitreya suitable clothes. I've found a lot of them but not all of them are my taste or sometimes they don't seem to fit my shape regardless if I wear fitmesh for maitreya or not. I might've missed some stores however. What're the best fashion stores around SL that sell maitreya fitmesh clothing?
  10. I'm looking for someone who takes on requests for custom mesh hair for a decent price and/or a hairstyle from the marketplace similar to the picture below. I have the template of what I want already. It needs to look like the image below. The person who made the hairstyle on the image below sells rigged mesh hairstyles and I've contacted him if he could make me an unrigged one, which he did. But unfortunately the hair moved with my head entirely. Which wasn't the plan.. but he said he didn't have time to make me a rigged one specified to my mesh head. Any suggestions or offers are appreciated. :D 
  11. Alright. Did the windlight settings but it doesn't change the fact that the mesh head shows the seems as to where the make-up around the eyes and the skin part.
  12. Oh, that's good to know. Thanks a lot!
  13. I think it is the head.. but I might just try the windlight settings. If I know where to find them. Could you elaborate them to me?
  14. Yes, I agree. I've had to move the sliders a lot to make it atleast a bit properly. But it's still frustrating how everything looks after. I mean.. I've got an applier for my catwa jessica head now, but somehow around the eyebrows and eyes, there's a line which seems to seperate the eyebrow/eye area from the skin. It looks really weird and makes the head look really low quality.. and I am horrible at making the shapes look decent. And I'd ask someone to make a custom head for me, with a custom shape that works with it. But I don't know who to ask and how much it'll cost me. I mean, if I know someone is gonna deliver me a good mesh head with some cool features, I'd be happy to pay properly for it once I get my job IRL, which is about to happen soon. I'm a real fashionista, and very picky. So a good mesh head is something I'd kill for (not literally). And I would love to learn how to create it myself. But I have no clue. I didn't go to college for it, I have the attention span of a goldfish and I don't have the right programs to do so.
  15. So lately I've been struggling with mesh heads. I've used LOGO Alex for a long while, and I've loved every single feature on it. The only issue is, that all appliers end up looking the same and that the face appears a big round and chubby instead of feminine. So I went and tried all kinds of mesh heads. I've tried Catwa. I liked that one, the Jessica one. I got appliers and I got the head, but something just looks off to me. It's as if the head is worse quality then I'm used to. It's like there are small edges where the skin comes together around the nose and eyes. I've tried Lelutka.. all mesh heads, kinda look the same. They all have that bitchy look. I've managed to change that bitchy look with an applier but at the end, the expressions just look terrible on the face. I have no clue why. Then there was Genesis Lab. I love those heads when they are shown on the board but whenever I put them on, they look really blocky and weird. And they look too delicate to put on my avi's body. I'm slowly running out of ideas and options, and I either really need a very unique LOGO Alex applier that'll bring life in my favourite mesh head again, or I need a custom mesh head made.. which would cost me a lot. :( If any of you guys have any ideas, any suggestions. Please. Let me know! :)
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