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  1. What's the worst profile you've ever seen inworld? (Not mentioning names, to stay within TOS) Bit of an easy target but, anyway - 1. Read carefully NO DRAMA !!!! If you bring it I delete you from the list. I'm So tired of the petty **bleep**, not to mention the secrets, lies, and most of all fake people out there . Don't do it or you will be forgotten. 2.I am not a sex object for you men that think you will get some think again..... you won't. I'm NOT AVAILABLE . If you try there will be problems.... I did warn ya. 3. I'm not a fan of random friend invites. Don't send them to me. If you want send me and IM first that's fine. We shall see if it is worth an invite. 4. If you happen to be one of the lucky ones on my friend list do what you can to stay there and that is um ......... talk to me and not forget me . 5. If you were removed from my list there was probably a good reason for it. I may or may not put u back, don't plead for me to do so if you do I will not. I will make that decision. 6. Be true to me and I will be the same to you in return. Don't screw me over. This one's a real stinker too: About Second Life: I have been playing this game since 2007 and I have always been myself. Unfortunately people here play other games. They have the rights to. What I never understood is why they add an extra game to this one. The game of playing with personal feelings. It's mean and unecessary. My advice: roleplay as you wish but do not mess with others feelings. Have youserlf a bit of respect for the next.
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