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  1. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Milmeranda/57/241/83
  2. I need a script for product i want to make an sell eventually. I cannot script myself, but i think the script i need making should be a easy job.. i hope ^^;; But anyway, please message me inworld - Orin Clutterbuck (unstablecrow)
  3. Ill have a read of those pages. thankyou
  4. uh.. cant you even tell me what the script is called? so i can find it .. thats really all i need
  5. Im looking for a script that.. when you attach a object (containing the script) it will give the person wearing the object a message in chat. .. im sure there are plenty of scripts like this on the market.. but not knowing what its called.. im haveing trouble finding it. Also i was wondering if there was such a thing of a script that does colour fades? i see there are scripts to turn things transparent.. but i need a script that will make something fade to black colour then back to normal again.. is this possible? I need theese scripts as full perm for projects im working on.. if theese scripts are on the market website to buy, can you point them out to me please ? I appreciate any help you can give me.. im hopeless with scripting myself ^^;;
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