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  1. Thanks for the answers! I do have some more questions now. I am pretty much just wanting to rent my own land so I can have it attached to my own group. I did some of the calculations from renting land through auction and if I'm correct it's more then 1L / prim. I usually rent for 1L / Prim so that brings me to my next question. I seen a buying section in game and it was priced more but more confusing to. If I pay that high price, what would com with that? Also what would you suggest to me just wanting to buy land for my own group but not wanting to pay more then I already rent? If that's possible or I could even be doing my math way wrong. lol Thanks for your time!
  2. Hello, I have been buying land from renters most of the time. Lately I have been looking into just buying directly from Linden Labs, but I don't need a entire sim, just a piece of land. So I have been browsing through the Auctions but I'm still confused about some stuff. 1. Do I need a premium account to purchase auctioned land? 2. Do I pay the tier price once per month that is shown on the auctions? I'm just a bit confused on how it works, Thanks
  3. Hello, I am trying to texture the inside of a dome or sphere, however I can never get the texture right, I have tried fitting the texture an way, but it just messes up in a spiral, is there anything I am missing for this? Thanks!
  4. Yea I kind of thought my issue was aroud there, I knew I needed to get the chat and not the button but couldn't really figure out how so I looked for other options, is it llListen that would be used for that?
  5. This works with owner and non owner to change the texture. integer gListener;default{ touch_start(integer total_number) { // See 'discussion' page for more comments on choosing a channel and possible left-open listener integer channel = -13572468; // "" saves byte-code over NULL_KEY gListener = llListen( channel, "", "", ""); llTextBox(llDetectedKey(0), "Some info text for the top of the window...", channel); } listen(integer channel, string name, key id, string message) { llListenRemove(gListener); llSay(0, "You wrote: " + message); llSetTexture(message, 3); }} My script however does now work the same way. listen(integer channel, string name, key id, string message) { llListenRemove(gListener); llSay(0, message); integer refundAmount; llListenRemove(listenQueryID); if (message == "Info") { dispData(); llGiveInventory(id, infoNotecard); } else if (message == "Refund Time") { llDialog(id, "Are you sure you want to TERMINATE your lease and refund your money, minus a L$" + (string)refundFee + " fee?", ["YES", "NO"], setupDialogListen()); } else if(message == "Status") { llDialog(id, "You can change the status on your board!", ["Online", "Offline", "Back"], setupDialogListen()); } else if(message == "Online") { llSetLinkTexture( 2, "OnlineTexture", 3 ); } else if(message == "Offline") { llSetLinkTexture( 2, "OfflineTexture", 3 ); } else if(message == "Back") { llDialog(id, "Select a Option Below!\nLikes: " + (string)likes, ["Refund Time", "Info", "Status"], setupDialogListen()); } else if(message == "Upload") { // See 'discussion' page for more comments on choosing a channel and possible left-open listener integer channel = -13572468; // "" saves byte-code over NULL_KEY gListener = llListen( channel, "", "", ""); llTextBox(id, "Copy and Paste your pictures UUID and press submit!", channel); } else if (message == "Submit") { string playerPicture = message; llSetTexture(playerPicture, 3); } I don't know what I am missing here Thanks
  6. I am honestly completely confused now. I am getting the key of the avatar that touches it, not the owner of the object.
  7. This is likely the best way for me, as I have a sysem already in the script that ensures it's the proper avatar. Now I am having one small issue with it I can't seem to figure out. Here is my best to explain it. My only issue is that I can get the owner to upload a uuid to a dialog text box and then set a texture face to that texture, however it is just not allowing me to do it on a alt account, so is there some permissions I am missing or something for that to work properly by chance? Thanks!
  8. Thanks I did find that but I am looking more for something that allowed them to put their own texture into the object rather then storing their display picture, I know there is a way because I do it with advertising boards regularly. I guess I could do profile photo but I rather that be last option kind of thing.
  9. Worked perfect, Thank you so much! I do have one more question, I am trying to allow another avatar to click on it and have the permissions to add their own picture to it. I can't figure out how to give them the proper permissions via script to do that or if it's even possible. Would you by chance know the best route for that kind of thing?
  10. Okay so I went with the first option, however I am having a issue. When I put two cubes beside eachother and make the linkset convex hull, Then I code it to change the bottom and top texture I have a issue here. When I do llSetTexture like this " llSetTexture("infosign", 1);" It only works on the top part, if I click edit and select faces it tells me the top and the bottom part are 1 and the back 2 sides are both 3, is there any way around that issue by chance? Thanks
  11. Sorry I will try to clarify a bit better. I am trying to have the top a picture of the avatar and the bottom a notification of online or offline (just two textures switching). I have looked through some scripts to see examples and they usually say use one prim for the picture of the avatar, and one prim for the online/offline texture part. However, I have seen ones that use just one prim doing the same concept. I know how to code it for the most part, but I am just wondering if there is a possible way to do that with one prim instead of two. Is there a way to assign a texture to the bottom part of a face only and another one to the top part by chance? That is the part I'm confused on.
  12. Hello, I am trying to make a online/offline board, the top part being a photo of someone and the bottom being online/offline. I read some articles and seen some posts about doing it with 2 boxes and using 2 prims for it. I could do that pretty easily, but I am looking to save some prims if I can and use 1 prim for the photo and online/offline part. I have seen boards do it that way so it should be possible, but found no good explanation on how it's done. Could someone possibly post a link or in the proper direction for this? Thanks for your time!
  13. Hello, I have been dabbling in Object Communication in SL and it is not easy I now have come for help. So I have one box with a number int of 0 and it changes when I click the box. I am trying to get another box to read that variable and display it in chat when it's clicked. My only issue is getting it to the other object. I don't want to use llEmail cause it's slower, so I think I'm stuck with httpresponse and httprequest. I just don't actually understand them. Could someone please help with a quick example POST and GET script by chance? Or any help pointing in the proper direction? Thanks!
  14. Mainland Mesh Skyhomes available for rent!Starting at 25 Prims - L$85 / Week (Furnished) 25 Prims - L$60 / Week (Not Furnished)  Feel free to contact me to set something up!
  15. New club opening on March 1st! Currently hiring DJ's and Hosts to come help out. -- DJ Requirements -- - Must not have a stock avatar. - Must have a microphone and have it properly configed with a program such as virtual studio. - Must have some knowledge on running a shoutcast server. (I can teach if need be...) - Must know how to do dj... -- Host Requirements -- - Must be able to greet new visitors and entertain them. - Must not have a stock avatar. Hosts and DJ's both get 100% of their tips. Feel free to message me in game!
  16. Hello I am not able to figure out how to make a text above an object that is just visable to the owner of that object. Here is my current attempt update_floattext() { if(llGetOwner()) { llSetText("Owner Text", <1.0, 1.0, 1.0>, (float)TRUE); }else { llSetText("Client Text", <1.0, 1.0, 1.0>, (float)TRUE); } }This did not work so well for me. Hopefully someone can help, thanks!
  17. Decent Size apartments available for rent with 100 prims only 160L / Week! We also have decent shops outside 20x20 for the same price! This is a gold hunt land so we do get traffic! It is a relatively new property and we are planning lots in the future, feel free to contact me or come visit in world! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Swanbridge/179/239/32
  18. Hello, I am currently looking for a land manager to help boost potential sales of our land. Unfortunately we are new so I can't offer an hourly wage, but I can offer a steady commission. If this is something that you could be interested in, feel free to contact me in world. Thanks
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