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  1. I know that Furry Fashion is looking for live models, that might not be of your best interest but they have decent pay. You can find applications on their website.
  2. I am currently looking for a job to become a store model, I have many different avatars for many different creators and outfits. What I am looking for: - Somewhat flexible schedule, my daily schedule can vary. Available around 1-6 pm SLT. - Not needed to talk in voice/be in cam. - Nothing sexual WHAT-SO-EVER, just not into it. - Understand things can happen occasionally and I cannot work that day. - Nothing over two hours a day. Avatars I currently own: (All are mesh) - Horse avatars: Water horse Mesh Light, Water Horse Mesh Shetland, Realhorse Quarter, Breeder's choice Quarter and foal, Teegle Warmblood(Bento). - Anthro/Furry: Snaggletooth, Kemono, Bifrost Bunny. - Regular default human avatar(New shape and texture) Please drop me a NOTECARD if you are interested in hiring me, thank you.
  3. I was totally lost when I needed to release my land, this helped! Thank you
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