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    Looking for modeling position

    I know that Furry Fashion is looking for live models, that might not be of your best interest but they have decent pay. You can find applications on their website.
  2. Khspoon2000

    Model/modeling job

    I am currently looking for a job to become a store model, I have many different avatars for many different creators and outfits. What I am looking for: - Somewhat flexible schedule, my daily schedule can vary. Available around 1-6 pm SLT. - Not needed to talk in voice/be in cam. - Nothing sexual WHAT-SO-EVER, just not into it. - Understand things can happen occasionally and I cannot work that day. - Nothing over two hours a day. Avatars I currently own: (All are mesh) - Horse avatars: Water horse Mesh Light, Water Horse Mesh Shetland, Realhorse Quarter, Breeder's choice Quarter and foal, Teegle Warmblood(Bento). - Anthro/Furry: Snaggletooth, Kemono, Bifrost Bunny. - Regular default human avatar(New shape and texture) Please drop me a NOTECARD if you are interested in hiring me, thank you.
  3. Khspoon2000

    Release land?

    I was totally lost when I needed to release my land, this helped! Thank you
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    -Closed message-
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    Is there ANY way i can change my USERname?

    I sure wish there was! But apparently not.