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  1. I'm 'harping on' about the low rating of Second Life because the reviews are all negative, as well as the incositent or lack of G,M, and A limitations. You can be a crybaby all you want about the chance of never having Adult rated actions, but the community just makes this game look as bad as the people talking in chat. Sometimes the staff has to step back, review the game, and find a better way to sell the game than as what it is more commonly refered to as 'sex simulator.'
  2. Whenever Simulation games are brought up, the common misconception is My Sims. This is what a simulation game is. They are often seen as poor quality and not interesting as a mini game. However, Second Life does work like a simulation in it's intent to copy various activities from real life in the form of a game for various purposes.
  3. Most appropriate content supported by other companies are usually Teen rated. However, the unmonitored Adult content for Second Life just makes it look like a sex simulator rather than a fantasy or social community world. The Youtube channel is clearly out of date, or just clamming up to what the community does to ruin the reputation of Second Life.
  4. My point stands. You can look back on all the years of no change and see why there is nothing positive about Second Life other than it being the start of, I don't know....an international virtual sex scandal or just a joke to the social game community and all games with player creative content. Heck, it was even used as a joke in a TV show, so why would Second Life sound any better than it presents itself?
  5. I don't know who that is, and quite frankly I don't care. The problem here is that if Twitch finds Second Life inappropriate for minors, then so will other adults. Leaving the minors issue aside, any mature adult would just leave this site alone. However, I am giving you advice as both a gamer and new player. The company needs to monitor and restrict player made Adult content more firmly and reconsider the public image of Second Life and how that impacts the game itself. IMVU went through the same phase, and it took time for nudity to be prohibited. Limiting or eliminating peversion as player created content opens up more of a positive image and player interest and yes, money into the game.
  6. The sandbox I tried to visit said that I had to have premium membership to enter. If there is a free to play aspect, then it just is not promoted enough to be noticed.
  7. You see, that's the problem. Without sticking to an ESRB rating, a game will unintentionally promote negative or inappropriate behavior. Second Life is a social community built game. Rather than having and supporting an adult section, it would be best to stick to a 17 mature rating if you want more positive reviews about Second Life. The majority of comments I read said Second Life is strange, gross, or profane. Even the chat I saw did not filter out the forbidden three letter word. This site and game needs some serious consideration about change.
  8. Here's the link I wonder why Second Life is now banned? Perhaps it is related to the rise of mature rated actions and talk taking place within the community. Well, 13 years of a poor simulation game will only draw in more trolls and inappropriate actions and fall of staff intervention. Congrats are in order, you are now just as confused as I am.
  9. Now see, the earning Linden dollars never comes up in the tutorial or in any videos. Without any proof of such a method, a player will just simply browse through the information provided and see that there is nothing available for free. Just by jumping in game and attempting to build, you see no land at all you can build on for free. So, just how are you supposed to design cool clothes for yourself or bestie? Not only that, but the whole thing just looks more pay to play. The first link on the mainpage is the marketplace. It doesn't really look at all like a free to play model.
  10. The game clearly says that in order to build or own anything, that you must pay a subscrition or with real money to do so. Unless, of course this website is ten years outdated.
  11. The year is now 2016. People are either hardcore gamers playing games like CSgo, casual gamers, or roleplayers. Honestly, after seeing so many games including a few social games that have died out or will eventually have to shut down. I think Second Life needs a change in business model. A fanbase is attracted to the art and story of a game. When I first found Second Life, I knew nothing about it and saw it as just a shady website. Even today, I see that the free to play aspect of games is on the rise. After a look at Second Life as a social game, I saw that it might have some potential. However, much to my disappointment the free creativity of Second Life would have opened up a much larger community if it had a free trial, or free players could utilize the design software but only sell it with premium. The first thing people see in a game is how it runs and feels. If you don't have acsess to all of the features, then you don't have a clear idea of how things work. This and the fact that wallets don't agree with virtual worlds is why most gamers don't spend money on subscriptions. Plus, most social gamers know that talented players don't give out good looking stuff for free. This causes the avatars and experience to look like a pile of dung. On a further note, this website still looks shady to me. The Youtube channel looks just as shady as the website itself. Why, you ask? There are so little tutorial videos and they are dated so far back that it looks like Second Life is just... I don't know. Should I even mention the Youtube videos that don't take this social game seriously and make fun of it? I mean come on, I rarely see things with potential. Second Life just is falling behind other social games in my opinion. Second Life is most certainly a simulator game in appearance, and that is not a compliment.
  12. Out of all 9 tutorial videos, not one touched base with the layout or interface of the design software itself. From my unsderstanding, you have to pay for a membership to be able to utilize the design software for Second Life . I would like to see something up to date about how 'easy' it is to use. Now I've seen softwares that claim to be easy to use, but are relatively difficult to just pick up and use. Are there any videos out there with a recent explanation as to how Second Life design works from entire interface to placing the object into Second Life? The only recent software I was able to pick up and fully understand without a tutorial within the free trial is RPG Maker Ace. On a side note I am just so confused and highly disapointed with the free to play experience in Second Life, because there just isn't much you can do. It woud have been nice to have a trial period to test out the design software and other mechanics of Second Life, but no one ever listens to me. To sum up my experience with Second Life so far it would be dull and not at all inspiring. If I can use the design software for Second Life, I will try to both build my skill and improve the free to play experience...since no one else seems interested in doing so.
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