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  1. Hi Gang, I'm hoping someone on here can help me out because I'm going out my head here. My bank screwed up with a chargeback and cancelled all my LL payments for a whole month, i contacted LL after they suspended my account and they escalated it to someone who told me i have to pay back $220. Not a problem, I have the money and im willing to pay. However they only want payment by cheque (which banks in the UK dont issue anymore) ot by money order (totally expensive with fees added on) So i asked if i can have access to my dashboard to pay by paypal. That was 3 days ago and i have heard nothing since. If i call the support line im just told theres nothign they can do as its been escalated. I've even tried tweeting Ebbe Altberg direct but i think that wont do much good. Why wont LL let me pay by paypal? I HAVE the money, I'm WILLING to pay, I CAN pay... Anyone from LL can help me out here? My case is being ignored and im sick of it
  2. Fed up with working at hideously decorated clubs? Where the only thing keeping you there is a handful of people or the money? Want to actually look forward to going to work? Somewhere nice to look at, fun to work for and, dare i say, a little naughty? Then St Croix Beach Resort is for you. We are looking for DJ's, dancers and host/esses to join our team and have some fun at work while helping to boost the sim. We have 3 venues, including our flagship adult club "Secrets" so a wide range of people with different abilities are welcome to apply. Simply jump in world and contact Mack Abbot (KuddlyKen Resident) for more details and/or a tour Isn't it time you had fun?
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