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  1. Hiii So I was recently watching Life 2.0 again.. (The first time I watched it was how I decided to join second life - yay!) and I had some questions kind of like why are things designed the way they are and maybe ideas? I am not 100% sure the stuff I am thinking is original. so going back to the life 2.0 thing... one of the people in the movie was someone who's avatar name was asri falcone. She was a content creator during the time the movie was created. What fascinated me about asri was that when she joined sl she could have whatever she wanted- because she could make it and even though we can still do everything she can do prim-wise. Prims have pretty much been entirely replaced with mesh. which part of me wonders if that is why sl seems kind of abandoned to me. like with the replacement of prims went the content creators who only know how to use them. It would be so cool for me to be in second life and build and create and make something useful for sl but I tried using blender and was so confused with it and I tried using a sculptie app but it could only save as obj files and I still had to use blender to change it to a coladda.dae file and create an AO or texture it at all really.. which brings me back to the confusion ;n; The great thing about the way sl used to be was that you didn't need super advanced knowledge of mainstream modeling software to be a content creator. all you needed was the desire to create. So I guess what I am asking, is, is it possible to create an updated inworld building system? I think you would have to make it either like legos or maybe like a 3d liquify tool in ps. I think it would bring back/in more artists because people could show theit skin in art without being stuck trying to figure out programs that look like total gibberish. Sort-of on the same topic of revamping the old system. It would be so amazing if it was possible to make the default avatar system more updated to todays graphics. Ideally I would like something like sims 4 but if sliders are easier that is fine too, I would just maybe like more things you can customize about the avi, like move the nose up and down, nostril height and tallness even stuff like if the ribs poke out or where your knees are on your legs.And obviously make the default body smoother, Like I have mesh bodies on all of my avis, and they are nice, but they really make our current inventory system look outdated. my outfits are like all outfits, tattoos, buttloads of objects and then at the bottom you have shape, skin, hair, eyes, (stuff you can't get rid of even if you are 100% mesh.)(also I really think eyebrow controls should be in the shape & not in hair, since you are changing the shape of a facial feature with it) But I think with the introduction of mesh we are leaving the original sl behind. Which i don't think that is how it should be. I am convinced that instead of colonizing another planet, all humans will colonize a virtual world, like a mixture of Sword Art Online & the matrix I want sl to be that virtual world but I feel like if the basic stuff never gets updated sl will either die out all together or get replaced :( I like sl. anywayy.. some other ideas were like -$L cards I think having lindens for sale at like stores would increase the number of people on sl and putting money into sl, 1. it is extra advertisement, 2. it is safer for people who are either a. afraid of putting bank info online or b. have a virus and thus cannot put bank info online and 3. it would be a way to reach people who think it is silly to spend a lot of money online because they could see a card that is only like 10 dollars and be like "we'll as long as I am limiting it to 10 dollars it is okay." -bring back last names :) so I wasn't really active when lastnames on sl were a thing, so I don't know much about them, but i think. you were given a list of last names from which you could from annnd that seems kind of dumb to me, I miss last names obvi, because I am in a family and we all have matching last names, so it would be cool if our usernames could have matching last names too, but going back to the choose from a list of names, there is less chance of overlap if we all get to choose our own last names instead of having a list premade for us soo you should see if we can bring back lastnames, but let us choose our own. -windlights so these are something I wish I would have known about since my first day on sl but I didn't find out about them until 6 or 7 months in. I think instead of there being a list of windlights we can choose from all the time there should be like a more basic menu that is just like you choose shadows or no shadows, sun angle, time, light tint and then have advanced settings which includes presets and traditional windlight options. but anyway Windlights have a HUUUGE affect on how our avi looks, that should be something that people don't find out about 6-7 months in that should be something that is super easy to find. -more free stuff & advertising as a space to create Okay so as someone who has signed up for second life not once but twice, walked around for 20 min, looked at all the stuff I don't have money to buy and then left.(my mom irl also did this) I am saying we need to have a different way helping people understand how sl works and giving some stuff away free so that way noobies won't be discouraged by the fact their avi doesn't look that good and leave. The new classic avis help, linden should have a store on the home where content creators donate items to give free to newbies and then they get advertisement for their store. But also I think if either me or my mom knew that sl was a place to create, we wouldn't have walked out so quickly. That should be a selling point for sl! Tysm for you time. These are just the thoughts going through my brain I hope it was somewhat beneficial input.Thanks ! forgive the odd formatting. I wrote this on a nc originally and sent it to the linden who had design on her profile. LONG LIVE SECOND LIFE- --prepare for our future colonizing a virtual world lol--
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