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  1. Its now the 4th day since i sent the ticked, how long does it take to process? Is there any other way to contact LL besides phone? ( cant afford that from my country) I really need this solved since christmas is eating the last bits of money i have left and that money was meant for rent.
  2. Ive bought through both, very rarely through viewer though. Ive never had any issues where i had to click multiple times to buy and if it didnt work first time i usually gave up and tried again the next day or so. (This is kind of something I was always afraid of so i was careful ^^' "
  3. When the page got stuck on the loading, i clicked the "return" thing to go back to MP, emptied my cart and re-added everything and then tried to do the purchase. But it got stuck at loading again and then i gave up and logged on, and when i did money started flooding into my L$ balance and my bank account is almost empty. (i didnt buy lindens since the 4th)
  4. latest purchase shown is from the 4th of this month. it doesnt show that ive bought lindens today. My MP does show the double purchase of the items, i sent LL the screenshots of both and messaged the MP sellers for possible refunds X.X
  5. I tried to buy gifts from marketplace worth about 8$. I tried refreshing the billing page since it kept getting stuck. Then suddenly inworld is started getting lindens 1k at a time until my balance was up to 21k. Then the items i tried to buy, came to my friend twice. SO now my bank account is empty and i have no clue what happened. Anybody else had this issue? kinda freaking out.
  6. Trying to lift this topic back to the front page. We are still open for new members ^^ Contact me or Saara Christenson inworld to join or if you have any questions.
  7. UPDATE!! 6/10 stalls left! (2 are for our own use which is why the original post says 8) We also take pasture horses if you don't want to rent a stall, meaning you get the same treatment/exercise/feeding etc. only you live mainly in the pasture. We have also added another pasture and the horse walker to ur land. Drop by and look around! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Montano Island/155/185/22 ~ SC-RS&S Admin
  8. Hello! We are a feral wolf pack that lives in a Wild West roleplay area. Our pack has been around since 2013- (with some breaks in between). We do realistic RP besides the fact that as wolves, we do "talk" to each other using RP tools. (But we do not talk to humans) We welcome all new members who wish to experience the pack life. We accept wolf/dogs as well. We are generally a very laid back pack, with just some basic rules. We do training for new and old players who need/want it. Training is done in hunting and fighting (even though we avoid fights, they do happen). Also if
  9. We are one of the packs roleplaying at the WW roleplay sims. There are a total of 4 packs that we know of in the area so if you are a roleplayer there or want to start roleplaying there, our pack is not the only option ^,...,^. You can also be a lonewolf or start your own pack. NOTICE: The reason we sai the "not the only option" part is that we dont want to feel like we are taking everyone from the rp into our pack so others cant have new members. As for our pack, we have a cave in Colorado East sim and the sim is somewhat our territory that we protect, but dont attack those passing
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