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  1. I didn't know I could define constants as I would in C. Thank you, Wulfie.
  2. I'm not sure if your insulting me. I wrote this script myself using the online documentation. I've written programs like this in other languages before. I was planning on posting a different script I was working on, but it wasn't finished, and I really just wanted to be involved in this community.
  3. Wow! I cannot believe I typed that. :smileyfrustrated: Grazie mille, Steph. I'm editing the mistake now.
  4. Thank you for the suggestions, Rolig! I will definitely take them into account. :smileyhappy:
  5. It's been a few days now since I started reading the documentation on the LSL. I thought about halting this journey many times, but I'm happy that I've finally decided to learn this language. I hope to receive much criticism from many of you, so that I can better myself as I continue learning the LSL. :smileyvery-happy: /************************************************* * Scripted by EvelynBianchi, also known as Lyn. * * Date: 15/gennaio/2016 * * Description: Simulates a two-way switch. * *************************************************/ // Colour Palette vector BIANCO = <1.0, 1.0, 1.0>; // WHITE vector GRIGIO = <0.667, 0.667, 0.667>; // GRAY vector BLU = <0.0, 0.45, 0.851>; // BLUE float OPAQUE = 1.0; integer gSwitch = TRUE; // Switch is on. default { on_rez(integer param) { llResetScript(); } state_entry() { llSetColor(BIANCO, ALL_SIDES); llSetText("On.", BLU, OPAQUE); } touch_start(integer num) { gSwitch = !gSwitch; if (gSwitch) { llSetColor(BIANCO, ALL_SIDES); llSetText("On.", BLU, OPAQUE); } else { llSetColor(GRIGIO, ALL_SIDES); llSetText("Off.", BLU, OPAQUE); } } }
  6. Thank you for responding, Rolig Loon! :smileyhappy: Yes, I am new to LSL and also SL in general. I've no issue learning LSL (I have experience in various programming languages.) I'm merely searching for a group within SL that I may chat with about scripting in whole as I explore SL. I've joined a few groups, but none respond when IM'd a simple greeting. :smileysad:
  7. Ciao, I'm currently seeking an LSL group that is novice friendly. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
  8. Ciao, XCyanideX. I'm new to SL, and I'm also looking for friends! :smileyhappy:
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