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  1. 16 hours ago, Marianne Little said:

    Yes. Try to write in Hatton as location. This lands you in an open water sim. Turn on the map and walk to a corner with no other avatars.

    Open your inventory and type in xyz or another strange letter combination. Take a cup coffee and wait until your inventory has finished loading. Try to add the things now.

    Tell us if it helps.

    No help :( But thank you so much for this ! i think i need to use clear cache ;( 

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  2. 15 minutes ago, Jennifer Boyle said:

    Are you "adding" the clothes and other attachments, not "wearing" them? Adding does what it sounds like; wearing can make other things detach.

    I have done both adding and wearing , Other avi's aren't showing up , or bits of them are like hats and shoes its weird

  3. My Avatar Cannot wear Some mesh hair  or Clothes i have took off all Alphas and Attached the clothes just to be Shown as invisible It still shows me as naked and when i click on where the Item should be It high lights it to show me i'm wearing it? 


    Any help would be Amazing Thank you! <3 x

  4. I cannot find any land to rent i'm a little bit rusty in the housing scene as i have owned the same house with my husband for a year but after a disagreement we decided i should move out , i've been to 4 different real estate places and they over complicate everything and most ask for very unreasonable prices!

    I just need a land big enough to put a 2 bedroom house ( like a neighbour hood preferably) my budget is 1k-1.5k a month <3 but i am willing to pay weekly 

    Thank you guys <3 Much love huggles and smoochies :* 

  5. Hello, I'm Chloe i have been on Second life for a year now:x 

    Don't get me wrong i love the game but it gets really boring without someone to talk to .

    I love Roleplay ( Family roleplay is  my favourite )  but i have never been part of a family before ;( 

     I would rather use voice chat but text is okay too <3    

    I can be any age you like but im looking for a long term family :3 


    My interests are 

    Youtube ( im a youtuber :P ) , Books , CATS xD, Warm hugs


    i wont be online till the 16th of july because my desktop broke and i am waiting on my new one to come xoxoxo Chloe 


  6. Hello i'm Chloe I am a Proud mother of  1  ( I am also expeciting ) xD i have been looking for a popular neighbor hood because all the places i have been to are well ''dead''  like no people AT ALL !  i just want a home not a house -_- my other house was just hell i was juggling a job and child in a dead ass neighbor hood ..... fun 


    But i hope i get some reccomendations much thanks Chloe xx

    1. Hello i just bought a luboff baby boy and i adore him but i attached him to  my leg - as ya do- lol but i cant hold him like normal anymore ! he is the newborn >.< please help :( i am in panic !!! i have wrote to Lisa _ the maker_ o f lyuboff but  please  helpppp
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