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  1. Alright thanks, its my first time using this forum and kept getting notifications
  2. Alright I understand that completely. Im also following the advice LittleMe Jewell had submitted above for extra measures. How do i have a post closed from more answers? I think im finished here
  3. Really isn't a need for the passive aggressiveness i'm not complaining at all. Littleme Jewell has given me advice about some possible solutions, which im following as we speak. Tc
  4. I know appearing in a region isnt griefing that actually isnt a big concern for me. But i cant downplay being followed several times a day across my other accounts with the same avis that have tracked me on my main. I've even tp'd to some remote sims on my 3 week alt to test, which 3 of the tracking alts found my location and actually tp'd back twice within 15 minutes. That doesnt sound like bot activity to me it sounds like someone might have personal information they got somehow through SL or somewhere. This happens daily now and the fact i can be found by the same people on each account is concerning to me. I wouldnt make a post if it was i felt it was petty.
  5. I'm concerned my account is compromised because its not just one avi this is happening to. How i can be followed by the same people on separate accounts? I dont want to risk my lindens being stolen or personal information. Can this be through accessing my IP address? Any clarity for this would be appreciated
  6. Its honestly no coincidence, they tp'd off to fast to even get a screenshot unless i start activating shadowplay. At my home region they've been parcel banned after they tried coming to my home. At least when i log in, they would appear several times at my home region PLUS any other region i visit. I am stating with confidence i dont have a tracker on. Because this exact thing is happening on my alt as well. It cant simply be down to coincidence because its been over the span of 6 months. All im asking is advice on how to counteract their griefing tools because its beyond one SL account
  7. How would it be possible for 5 of these people (3 months of SL age) able to find a noob alt i made on a very remote sim? This is on a totally different account, one of which i have no friends and not accepted gifts there. Im trying to understand if there is any malware that could be involved or something beyond SL.. How can they find me on two different accounts? And as for whether they all belong to one person? I believe this is the case because a close friend helped me and noticed their log in times were seconds off and would remain online for days. As for gifts do they need to be attached to be useful to the griefer?
  8. So far i've filed several abuse reports regarding a handful of alts which remain logged in for days. I only recently noticed the main and his/her alts would tp to a spot on a region i live in and tp out within 5-15 seconds. All of these accounts appear as orange clouds to me. I believe im being traced from region to region because they would appear on a sim i tp to for a very brief moment then log out. This could happen up to 5 times a day for the duration of when im online, also these alts usually end up at public hubs or sandboxes but not sure where they spend most hours of each day. I messaged the person what their deal was. No answer, so i chose to not dive more otherwise i'll be feeding the troll. I never have accepted random items from strangers or even friends. Nor have i ever issued anyone map rights.Somehow even on my very discreet shopping alt i was found at a remote sim which is (i believe) almost impossible since its a whole other account when one of their griefer alts found me there. I want to know how this is possible and how i could counteract this. Blocking doesnt solve the issue if i cant use an alternative or new account and still be tracked.
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