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  1. Hello beethros, happy new year! Me and people (let's call them volunteer staff) under attack filed approx. 20 AR against different people the last 24h...and counting. The attacks started more than a week ago. Our parcels already have privacy enabled to minimize the impact on direct visitors, but parcels in zindra are usually small 1024sqm and not joinable. so everyone OUTside does see them...especially since we are surrounded by "protected" linden land...not just the roads but also protected intra sim pathways. Anyway, thanks for the suggestions. Yas
  2. Hi, I am having several parcels in a Zindra / Karma City Sim and we are recently experiencing griefing attacks from people standing on Linden-owned land around my parcels wearing offensive objects that look like rezzed on our properties but are actually worn on such griefers. Those people (roughly around 100 people - all most likekely alternative avatars of the same owner) are already banned from my properties, but circumvent those restrictions by wearing these attachments far far away from their body (approximately up to 50m away from them). Even trying to "push" them away does not help as they are sitting on a tiny invisible prim during those 24h attacks. Is there any good hint or advise how to fight such attacks? I really need help here as some people are attacked for no good reason on a very personal level with words, expressions and pictures i won't repeat here. Thanks in advance Yasmin
  3. Hello, when you add 2048sqm (paid) landholdings, you will have 512+2048 = 2560 sqm available. The free 512 will add to the additional 2048sqm - and you'll enjoy the full prims available as soon as you find a 2560sqm large piece of land. Regards Yas
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