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  1. Hi there! I'm looking to commission an artist for some Otome project(s) I'm working on. This is a paying job, I will pay you through second life and if chosen for the position you will receive the pay you ask for only on completion (unless you want a different payment type). This position would require you to be able to be able to email me (or IM on SL) and check emails (or SL IM's) regularly for updates if not daily. You would be asked to draw backgrounds and characters based on a really rough sketch or description (I will tell you any detail I think is important to the story). How to apply To apply for this please send a sample of your work to Ldanielle235@gmail.com or in-world to Daniton. Please send a price you find reasonable or some other type of payment you would prefer along with that as well as the best way to contact you. The pay is competitive so base your prices as such, the best applicant will be picked and you should know within a week or two max if you got the position or not. Here is a sample of the otome/ anime style with a background (This is one of my favorites from a game called Nicole, but for more examples simply search otome games/ characters.)  Thank you so much, I look forward to hearing from you! Dani Ton :)
  2. Hey there, I just sent you a message on here about this, juddt thought I'd let you know.
  3. Hey there, I'm looking for a good photographer proficient with photoshop and making pictures of Avatars look really nice. The pictures I want may be kinda sexual so please someone over 18. :) IM me in world, my name is Daniton.
  4. Hi there, if you are a dancer or an escort, I am willing to train you or help you out for free if you apply where I work :) must have all mesh and be able to voice verify and be able to work at least 4 hours a week. Contact Daniton. :)
  5. Hey there, I already work at a club and have to devote at least 4 hours a week there, but I'm looking for an additional job that preferably pays a set hourly pay. It can be anything, writing, RP, talking to others, modeling, personal assistant, anything you need someone to do. Preferably no voice but I'm willing to voice if needed. Please no other clubs unless it's a managerial possition and you'd be willing to train. I've been on Second life for a little over a year now and started out dancing for tips as a freelance noob with free everything. Now I dance for a very good club and wear only mesh all from my earnings over the year. I'm a hard worker, I can write on the spot or just in general, I've been RPing for years. I'm pretty well educated for my age, I'm currently an undergrad at a local college studying psychology. If you'd like to contact me, my name inworld is Daniton and feel free to ask for my personal email.
  6. Actually her an I have a history of her constantly posting on my stuff and me repeatedly asking her to stop, politely I might add. And yes, I am actually a psychology major in real life. The rest is how I got my start in second life but psychology is a true passion of mine. I honestly feel very rideculed for trying to create a resouce to help people a little. While no, it's not anything close to therapy, I find that just having someone to talk to can help a lot sometimes. If you'd like, you can even make an appointment to talk and my staff or I would treat you very respectfully and with lots of acceptance.
  7. I absolutely understand yout concern! We would not in anyway offer professional help unless an employee was certified. We would how ever offer someone confidential to talk to at much cheaper prices than real therepy. If a client or individual wants to seek out professional help outside of the game we would try our best to seek out those real world resources and provide them with it. Without a professional on staff, you are absolutely right. So more like mental health resource rather than mental health clinic. Thank you so much, Ashy, for bringing that up since it is very important.
  8. A warm thank you for harrassing me even after I politely asked you to stop.
  9. Hi there, we currently live in a world where many people suffer from psychological disorders. Mental health can be, at times, an under-rated but very valuable resource. I'm a psychology major and while I am still working on my degree, I've very interested in starting a resource for the people of second life where those who need some kind of psychological help can receive it. We have several therapy related positions available. We are not requiring our employees to have anything except the basic knowledge of how to handle clients and on approaches to clinical psychology. You do not need to have a degree or doctorate to apply, although our positions are going to be very competitive and the best applicants will be hired. Please contact Daniton Resident in world or email me at Ldanielle235@gmail.com for an application and to set up an interview time. Thank you very much!
  10. Sure! Mines Ldanielle235@gmail.com just send me an email
  11. Alright, what's the best way we can get in touch?
  12. Hi there, I've been an escort/ dancer in second life for about a year now. I worked my way up solely on tips from a system avi and free clothes and no heels to a full mesh, expensive and gorgeous avi. I also have my own house (I'm willing to let you use it if you want) and I have experience at three clubs, two were well established as well as freelancing. I've had the pleasure to emote with some of the best on second life and I'm still friends with some too haha. I'm willing to train some noobies or anyone that's just new to the escort or dancing trade. I'm a writer and I've had plenty of experience with emotes in game and role play in game and out of game. I am not a voice or cam escort but I am also willing to offer advice on both as well as advice with pictures (I have lots of experience with taking those haha). Anyway, message me in world (Daniton) or email me at ldanielle235@gmail.com if you're interested. :)
  13. Hey, if you're still looking for models give me an IM. My name's Daniton and I have mesh everything and I'm willing to work for two hours!
  14. I'm only charging about 700L per week with the prims and a very nice mesh store front with lots of signs. I'm willing to negotiate the price but not much. It's right off the highly popular SL route 7A. IM me in world at Daniton if you'd like a walkthrough of the land.
  15. I can, it's absolutely optional tho.
  16. Hey there, I have my own land and I can plan a dream wedding for you and your partner. I can do any type of wedding you'd like: Fairytail, fantasy, gothic, classic, and literally anything else you could possibly want. I buy everything upon request and that can make my services quite expensive, but your special day is worth it! Click here to fill out my survey with every detail you want and I will give you my rate for the entire wedding. Bellow is a list of what I'm willing to do to make your wedding the best day possible. Please note each one may or may not have an extra fee associated with it. Arrange bachelor or bachelorette parties at any venue. Host reception the night or day before Invite guests with a personal invitation. Arrange clothing for Brides, Brides Maids/ Maid of honor, Grooms, and Groomsmen/ Best man. Arrange a preacher Personally arrange the venue and invite guests to it the day of Advertise it Hire a DJ for the party Host after party If you'd like to contact me outside of secondlife I do provide clients that have already payed at least half with either my personal email, phone number, and or any other way they might want to contact me. To contact me in world, my name is Daniton and these messages normally go to my personal email as well but not always. If you're not willing to take my survey, please send me a notecard in world with any of the above services you want as well as what you want regarding your theme, date, time in SLT, and any important details no matter how small. Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope you have a wonderful day!
  17. Hey there, I was wondering how much land you would need? I have about 1024m and I'm willing to let you have it all. There's about 234 prims and I'd even be willing to put a nice mesh store down if you'd like. I'm also female and I genuinely love tattoos in SL and RL if that would make you feel better lol. Just let me know what you think, I've been trying to find a use for the land. If you wanna contact me in world btw my name is Daniton.
  18. My last word on this is if you truly feel the need to tell me something, tell it to me privately. Otherwise, I will not be wasting my time on anything else you'd like to agruge over or assume about me. Good day.
  19. I don't want this kind of unnecessary drama on my post or in my life! I've had a very rough day and would appreciate it if you were mature and would respect that. As for trying to bring my real life into this, you can stop right there. Assumptions and petty arguing is never good. You're more than welcome to have your opinions, but please keep it off my posts.
  20. Frankly I find it in bad taste because I do not nor will I ever find it fair. I find it's over rated and they are being very greedy in my opinion and several other designers I have talked to that can't help me with this. I'm not asking for them to pay for what they make instead it's a business deal, something no one on second life seems to understand. I would definitely consider them a major part of the company and give them the respect and freedom they deserve while trying my hardest to see that things don't just flop. It can be a risk at first but I'm trying to find someone willing to take the risk I am taking as well. I would need 60% to properly start a company from an idea and turn it into something nice. For the right person I would be willing to bring it to 50/50 TO START! This isn't just to piggy back on the hard work of others. It is very small minded to think on terms of yourself which most people on here have been doing otherwise they wouldn't be actively attacking my proposal. If this was unbiased they could have easily not answered but they chose to answer. I respect their opinions and the right to voice them, but opinions are something where everyone has one and they usally stink.
  21. I find a lot of what's in this in bad taste. I'm not being cheap, in fact I'm more than willing to pay what is fair. I also believe that loyalty and hard wotk go hand in hand and I don't want to hire someone that doesn't understand that.
  22. I don't really think 60% is too high. While yes, there is a lot of hard work in creating it there is also a lot of hard work in starting a company and getting people to buy what you make. The majority of the 60% would actually not go into my pocket but rather into land fees and advertisement in world. I think 60% is fair when the creator doesnt have to spend their money on getting it out there or land. If the company takes off I would be more than happy to give the creator much more but there are no garuntees unless I put my time and money into getting it out there. I would also be very open to paying a one time price for the work that the creator names, not me. However with a 60/40 split I would be very open to offering major bonuses. If I find a creator that can do what I want, I'd be more than happy to pay them whatever they want in the long run, especially if what they make sells.
  23. Hey there, I'm trying to start a new shop and I need an experienced designer to help me. I would perfer someone that knows how to make things for mesh bodies as well as making some nice mesh clothes for men and women and maybe even shoes. I want to have a few sections to my store like clothing for men and women and outerwear for men and women and then intimates for mostly women. Each section would include the seperate items and a few outfits made up of those seperate items and maybe with shoes. I'm willing to give you a workshop area in my store if you'd like one and any support or help I could give. There are two payment options for your work, either a 40% split for all you make or I can pay you a one time price you name within reason. If you are interested in the job please IM me in-world (Daniton) or contact me on here. :) Thank you!
  24. Hey there, Euphoric Angels is now hiring adult models. Please visit the link bellow for a description of what EA is looking for. https://www.facebook.com/EuphoricAngels/posts/1661874434075237 Feel free to contact me with any questions, concerns. In-world (Daniton), Facebook, or on here. :)
  25. I'll keep this short. We are looking for a certain type of adult oriented model. Please visit the link bellow for a description of our business and what exactly we are looking for. https://www.facebook.com/EuphoricAngels/posts/1661874434075237 For any questions or concerns please contact me either in-world (Daniton), message me here, reply, or message me on the facebook page.
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