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  1. Nah, I actually didn't know why it was ban-worthy, only that rezzing 70+ beachballs was an odd action (the oddness making it probably not a good idea), but I never knew why such an odd action would get me banned until someone else in the thread suggested it probably fell under over-use of physics. I really am trying to learn and not trying to waste everyone's time!
  2. I did say in the first post I was rightfully banned. It was after the fact that I realised rezzing over 70 beachballs perhaps wasn't a good idea.
  3. ??? It's that I don't want to repeat the action and get banned from another sandbox. I enjoy playing around with the beach-balls but I don't want to get banned.
  4. So I was rightfully banned from a sandbox for manually rezzing too many beach balls and even rezzing a cabin and filling that cabin with beachballs. (If you're wondering why I was doing this, I wasn't aware that beach-ball bombarding was banworthy at the time) This was my ban message: You have been permanently banned for the following reason: RESOURCE ABUSE involving one or more of the following: - Prim littering - Excessive physics use - Crasher/lagger/spammer use - Excessive Avatar Render Weight or Streaming Cost - Excessive sized objects, rezzed or attached - Excessive object visual param changing/usage (lighting,glow,etc.) - Excessive script count/memory/timing object(s) or attachment(s) - Excessive ground surface area use - Object encroachment - Object abandonment Just wondering under which condition does beachball-bombardment fall under?
  5. I like travelling around Second Life a lot, especially along rail-road tracks. But I'm a teen so I'm only restricted to regions rated general. After travelling for a while, you always find that you have to either backtrack or go explore in another place because every surrounding region is rated Moderate or above. So if you have any tips on how to travel in areas only rated General or any places where most of the regions are rated General, it would be nice if they could be posted here! (Not really related but I find it extremely funny that there are so many people just lurking around in the middle of the sea!)
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