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  1. Buenos Dias, Soy Ghivre Resident, desde Venezuela, al parecer hay un problema con mi cuenta, no puedo iniciar sesion desde Firestorm, Singularity y SL viewer. Solo carga hasta iniciar sesion, pero no craga mas alla. He intentado entrar desde mi computadora con otra cuenta y si ingresa con normalidad. Por favor ayudenme Good morning,I am Ghivre Resident, im from Venezuela, apparently there is a problem with my account, I can not login from Firestorm, Singularity and SL viewer. Only load until you start session, but do not crash over there. I tried to enter from my computer with another account and if he enters normally. Please help me... Thank you!
  2. I have the same problem since tuesday 23th. contact Technical Support and wait for a solution.. Good luck
  3. I have the same problem for 4 days... im waiting for a solution..
  4. I have the same problem... contact with support.. I am waiting for a solution... good luck
  5. I have the same problem... Contact to support, and wait for an answer. good luck
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