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  1. I updated to Windows 10 recently. Afterwards, about 70% of avatars appear as a solid color - I see the outline of the avatars - such as solid blue, green, brown, red, etc. when using SL viewer. The other avatars look fine. Folks tell me my avatar appears fine to them. Anyone know why this is and how I can fix it? As an aside, Firestorm viewer stopped working entirely after Windows 10 update. When I try and launch Firestore i get an error message that says something about video drivers. Thanks!
  2. I'm fairly new to second life. I work full-time and am not computer savy. I have created an avatar for myself, but it's clunky, unattractive, and not very life-like. In an effort to make my avatar better, I've read a few posts here and in the knowledge base, but, the bottom line, is i'm not getting it - Mesh? HUD? resizing things? I'm utterly confused. I'm willing to pay someone - in RL money or linden dollars to give them control of my avatar and a proper linden dollar budget to redo my avatar. This is my first post here, so I'm not sure how or if I'll be notified of any responses. You can always IM me in second life at: BarbaraAnnKy5 or send an email to BarbaraAnnKy5@aol.com. Thank you!
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