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  1. My name is Oluyori .I am self employed and take pictures of my self as a model but i cant seem to get a good job, i have always wanted to be a model on SL and also in reality .if you want to now more about me and my pictures please refer to my profile.:matte-motes-tongue:;d: i'd like to know more about your agency yours Olu:matte-motes-bashful-cute-2:
  2. first i got this from a wonderful man named pras ; first:step 1 there are three keys you press "AT THE SAME TIME" STEP 2:alt +ctrl+R step 3:press it for long step 4: focus on your cusor youll see a kind of box with a reload arrow step:5 ask somebody to help u and then left click your avatar. !BONNE CHANCE!
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