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  1. Does anyone have a link to a good youtube tutorial on making skin texture using paint.net?
  2. So if you are the owner of a group but a aprove to join system and you send invite to people, how will you be abe to view the applicants to your group?
  3. Okay so I've found the folder. I was now I'm wondering if there is any free xml to mesh converters.
  4. Greetings, so I've decided to upload my Avitar to blender by turning it into a xml (Or something like that) file which can be used by blender and imported. However in the tutorials, it is mentioned that I should look in my secondlife/logs/casanovarose96 folder, a that is where the xml file would be saved. I however am unable to find any folder containing the second life documents and the same goes for BLender, as I have downloaded a xml plugin which requires will to move some folders into the add-on folder. So I was wondering if anyone is able to help me find the neccesary folders. Oh yes and, if anyone coud give me a link to a good xml import plugin apart from wiz daxter plug-in, that would be wonderfull. Kind regards, CassR96
  5. Also, is the little avatar you see on the sketup portional to the average SL avatar?
  6. Hiya newbie here, So I started playing this game about 5-6 days ago, and I LOVE it. However I noticed that when I play on my Veiwer, it seems to use alot of my CPU and my fan starts working hard to keep my laptop cool, making it sound like a have a tiny jet fighter in my bedroom. This is probelm also continues after I have closed the window but the noise and CPU usage would decrease. The problem only goes away when I turn my laptop on and off again, but to do that every time would be such a mssive hassle, I was wondering what I could do to end any background processess that remain after quiting the 2Nd life viewer. Thanks for your help guys, Casanovarose96 (AmazonIndia)
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