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  1. Well I do appreciate everyone's input. I recognize and respect everyone's right to see things as they do. I'm grateful for the assistance I've recieved, and the insight that it's not just me. I'm not sure why I got so upset about it. I rarely ever let things like that bug me, but I sppose it comes with the territory. Thank you all for you give-a-hoot. Just talking about it helped me through alot.
  2. Ahh..the meat of the issue! I wanted to avoid the anime angle of this issue. It seems people have severe views on the subject at large. I had the Standard avatar 2.0 head, and was called babyface, so i got the Venus. I traded an orange for a tangerine. As long as i have an "anime head" people will always think im child looking. Perhaps its time to move away from 2.0 to Kemono or something. I just got a donation to the cause. I swear I wasn't pan handling or anything, but if the anime heads cant avoid the ire of the child look, then i'll just cover it in fur and just be "cute". I need new sims to hand out on. I stick to my adult sims, because i wanna feel free to engage how i chose. I dont want to run into kids, rl kids and have to dial back who i am. I just avoid them altogether. But yeah. Anime characters are not real, yet they can sometimes depict what looks alot like kids, even school childeren in dangerous situations. I wont dump on anyones creative rights, and i wont dismiss those that use it as an outlet for inappropriate content. What matters is whats in your heart. Since no one can qualify that as a measure, we have to go on whats displayed. And perhaps that included looking like a skinny teen, even if thats not my intent.
  3. Aww, well that does makes sense. I certainly wouldn't feel good if my actions got a whole sim in trouble. I'm really more respectful than that. Idk, I just do the best I can so offten, and I'm truly so respectful of others, this incident just rubbed me all the wrong way. It was just one person, and I should have let it go, but my pride... I just couldn't completely qualify their dislike for me. And that void fills with anger because I couldn't understand what I had done. I dont know where to go now. All day i've just stayed at my home. Afraid to go anywhere, and very honestly unwilling to redesign my avatar. I love my avatar, her smile and her presence. But idk, I may have to keep her to myself to avoid hurting the real me or anyone else. And so I really feel stalemated. My friend gave me the landmark to a free mesh avi in TMP. I guess I could at least go see what it looks like.
  4. You would be hard pressed to find someone more respectful of the rules and others than me. I dont try to upset others, i just dont. I even refrained from starting an argument in local just to express my discomfort. I didn't come here to argue, only to get the consensus, and maybe some official advice. I guess my mesh purchase was a bad one. I dont prefer origina LL avatars over mesh, because the clothing looks painted on. Perhaps i just need to spend more money to satisfy others arouynd me that think i look like a child, or that im trying to represent one. One third of second life becomes inaccessible to me, all because others think i've done something that i havent, intentionally portray a child like form. I respect the rights of others to desire respect and safety. I just feel like my creative compilation of body parts, should not in and of themselves get me banned or shunned. I will always comply if asked to leave. I'm not a deviant, nor a troublemaker. I guess thats why this issue bugs me. It assumes i've done something intentionally inappropriate, and that doesn't sit well with me.
  5. You all are right. The use of a child avatar is not an automatic indication that you'd mistreat childeren. And it's true that I can either change who I am/represent myself to be, or avoid areas while in my new form. I cant argue that with any certainty of success. I guess I was just super upset that my friendship was turned down, on the basis that I looked 16, though I never once felt that I was angling to craft an underage avatar. To be shunned for something you didn't do hurts like hell. But I didnt wanna start a fuss in the club. I thought, "maybe people keep sayin this for a reason." I live and let live in my second life. But I felt attacked, and undeservingly so. I just didn't want to fight back without a leg to stand on, and so I resorted to asking if perhaps I had done something wrong.
  6. If the rules don't define what a child avatar is, surely you can see why i'm asking. Anyone is free to weigh in on the question, as you have. And all responses are appreciated.
  7. I'm getting sick of people giving me sh*t because my Avatar, to them, seems to look like a 16 year old. I decided to go mesh 2 weeks ago, and since then, I've been getting all kinds of crap about having a child avatar. I have not now, nor ever sought the use of a child avatar. My avatar is normal height, full sized, and in no way represents a minor. LL, please tell me what constitutes a child avatar, so that I can graciously tell these idiots to f*ck off. I dont want to be in error. I dont want to be in violation. I harbor no desire to engage or promote child exploitation. I like the smoothe rendering of the Avatar 2.0 but please tell me where the line is drawn. Is it height, facial features, your ao, what? I detest being told i'm using a child avi, because of what the assertion implies. Let us set the record straight.
  8. I thought itd be difficult, but its worth a shot. i use firestorm?? do they call that phoenix 2.0? im not that big on tech
  9. Before you begin by telling me about shapes, I'm referring to the gender you choose at startup. When you start SL you choose boy or girl. Once chosen, items and devices will refer to you as him or her dispite what shape you wear. Can this be altered so that everything in sl recognizes you as the new gender?
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