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  1. Can I back those up and then add them back when updating the latest version? I'm lost on how to do that I do a clean install and I end up losing it. I only end up saving my chat logs because I went with the older video that talks waaaayy too fast (you need to slow down the speed of the video to watch. It gives me anxiety just listening to her) I can't include it, it takes up too much space on this post. It's so weird how these little things can cause anxiety.
  2. The items "objects" that were blacklisted, are now back. They are no longer blacklisted. It was permanent, but that list cleared. I know it was set to permanent. I have done temporary blacklisting and I fully understand that if you leave a region then come back, that the items on the temp list have returned and you can see them. I clear the viewer cache because it always takes long to load, even if I've been to that area for weeks. Sometimes it loads faster after clearing the viewer cache, but in the end it takes too long. Maybe I just need a better graphics card and not just the one that came with my PC. That or, it really is something with the viewer cache(?) It doesn't seem to matter which region I'm in either. At worst, it takes about 15 minutes for most things to appear, even with the draw-distance down to 30. I've experimented a few times and having the DD (draw distance )either up or down does not seem to make a difference. CCleaner has always worked for me (I use it about once a week or once a month), this is the first time I'm reading that it can destroy things on the PC.... oh. Well, darn it. OK I uninstalled it that might have been the issue. I won't know for certain until later.
  3. When I go to clear my cache location, I just click on "clear cache" Now I see that all the items that I blacklisted (permanently) are back. I was reading this wiki page and I understand most of it. It's nice to know that I can delete things separately rather than just click on that "clear cache" once. I just randomly added 3 things to the permanent blacklist and I'm trying to figure out which files those are, so that I know next time which type of files the blacklisted ones are. I want to avoid clearing my permanent blacklisted items. So when I open the location, I know that I can just remove the textures file (sometimes things on the land are gray for about 5-10 minutes, even with the draw distance down. Aside from that, it runs good. Does deleting my browser history (not on SL, just regular internet browsers) and/or using CCleaner effect this? I looked into them and I don't see anything specifically for firestorm (or SL in general) I have Windows 10, I look for updates often. I use Google Chrome. I have a basic graphics card (it gets the job done, I'll probably buy a nice one soon)
  4. In-world I have noticed a lot of art that was either plagiarized or just being used without giving credit to the original artist. I'm pretty certain it's best to contact the artist but, is there a link I could give to them? As in who to contact. Is there anything else that needs to be done or can be done?
  5. That's awesome! OK, I'll hit you up on SL and leave a NC
  6. Looking to make a new friend, preferably female in the US central time zone. Age is not an issue. About me; I'm a Christian, just not a very good one or "Bible-thumper" and I'm not the type to push God onto anyone, that is for other people to make that decision. I support the LGBT community. I'm very skeptical about politics. My interests are drawing, music, anime, sim-hopping, shopping (mostly window shopping), clubs. I'm open to trying RP, just not; Gor, Bloodlines, medieval, pirates, star trek, star wars. I don't dislike them, I'm just not that interested in RP them. Fastest way to get my attention is to just send me a NC on SL to get ahold of me, I don't check the forums as often. *edit* I'm happily taken, please no replies about seeking a partner or any sex.
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