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  1. I've recently started using Firestorm and am wondering if there is the option to have the Nearby Chat List in the chat box like with the SL Viewer? If so, how?? heh Thanks! For those who may not know what it looks like, here's the SL Viewer chat box: 
  2. Ah, gotcha. Thanks! Guess I'll keep an eye out for after Christmas sales
  3. I tried to put something down and it says I can't. Obviously I'm doing something wrong, and am new, which is why I'm posting.
  4. I'm a bit confused on the whole home aspect. I can't seem to put anything in it, or really do much though took the opportunity for some privacy to switch up my outfit, but what can you really do in it? Can I still buy land elsewhere and forget about it if I want to? (Though my building skills are severely lacking so I'm not going to be building a mansion anytime soon lol)
  5. I randomly have a $ 1.34 charge on my credit card from Linden Labs. I didn't purchase anything so where did this come from???
  6. Ah, that makes sense. I'll try it when I'm in world again. Do I have to buy newer gestures, or where can I find them?
  7. I am very new, so was trying to preview some gestures, etc. and while they are checked as Active, the dance ones don't do anything?
  8. Darn, any ideas if there are plans to have Chrome run it in the future? I may just get a newer Acer Aspire as they can be similar in price, but thanks for the tips! I thought the Tigra was a high performance card? Everything I found on it makes it sound newer and better thant the NVIDIA 9000 series recommended here?
  9. So, while my current laptop runs SL decent (internet dependant as I'm in an apartment building, so there are nights where it's junk), but with going to college in January I have been considering getting a new one, preferably smaller for easier travel, etc. With this thinking in mind, as I have recently come back to SL, I was wondering on the possibility of getting a 2 for 1 with a laptop for school that could also handle SL. I have wanted an Acer Chromebook since I first saw them. I have used Acer exclusviely for close to 10yrs now (and this is only TWO laptops as I still have the first running fine, just a cracked chassis from an incident with an old roommate's dog) and it got me thinking, could it run SL too? Now, before everyone jumps in all at once, I have looked over the specs and there are models that have better specs than those recommended here. My question is, will Chrome run it? I didn't think about it being a whole different OS when I first went researching, and of course now I'm loving the looks of this model http://www.acer.ca/ac/en/CA/content/model/NX.MPRAA.009 but while reading some reviews about it's performance it hit me, it's a completely different OS and might not work at all. Does anyone know if Chrome will run SL? I won't have much money left from my OSAP after tuition and books; and need to live off it and working part time for four months, so really can't look at anything much over $400 if I do get a new laptop so it's really not a question of which one would work best, etc. just wondering if the OS would be compatible. Thanks!
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