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  1. The Harmony Fire Department is now hiring entry-level fighters and EMS Personal. We currently serve 3 Townships(Sims) with 4 Front-line Apparatus, Wagon 3, Tower 1, Squad 8, and MICU 9. We are a Medium-Sized Department, with a Medium-High Call Volume along with Mutual-Aid Agreements established. Any questions or concerns contact Chief 1(erodriguez11) or apply now at- https://goo.gl/forms/MRj9BOr14uQDfxqD3 or look at our website- www.harmonybureauoffire.weebly.com
  2. Hello, I am the Chief of a Fire Department in SL, we are looking for a individual who can make us custom bunker gear to fit out department. We are looking for quality work, to give us the most realistic feel possible. We have an idea of what we want. Just need someone who can handle the task. Please IM me in world SL Username- erodriguez11 Display Name- Evan Rodriguez. Thank you!
  3. Hey Guys, im the Assistand Chief of a Fire Department in SL. We are trying to put our own touch on things with textures on our Gear and Trucks. I'm not fimiliar at all with creating texures for SL, so if anyone could help me out or just want to do them for us, please let me know. It'd be greatly appreciated. I'm sure we could also find a way of giving back to you. Thanks!
  4. Hello Guys, i'm just curious, ive been playing SL for a while and im still using the classic system avatars, i'm having trouble getting some clothes to fit properly, maily all of the clothes are mesh, does that have anything to do with this issue? Mainly my problem is the feet, if anyone can help me out that'd be great. Thank you!
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