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  1. It's the Mesh head from the Moon Hair Store someone kindly messaged me in world
  2. Wondering if this is a mesh head and if so which one? If not which skin is this? Thanks to anyone who can help :D 
  3. thanks for replying! but i just literally JUST found someone who sells one so we can close the thread! so excited hahah Thanks again
  4. Hi All! I'm lookin for a rental system script, that when paid it gives a notecard on payment to the tenant (not on touch!). Is there a easy way to do this? Or can someone post just the script half that would give a notecard on payment and i'll try to mix it in with a full perm rental system script. Also if not to much trouble possibly a way to profit share with another avatar via avatar key? Thanks this has been driving me nuts rofl! I've bought many a rental system within my budget and none do what i want :( So to sum it up : Rental System Notecard on Payment Profit Share with another Avatar via avatar key (Hope this is in the right section >.>)
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