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  1. Hi Second life users, I'm here to inform you that I am still looking for a Job as a dj, you can msg ig by djkinggabe. I am not djing anywhere yet and Am looking for a place to dj. please IM me if you have a place I can work, I only need 100% of tips. Thanks
  2. Hi, I'm djkinggabe Ig, My dj/host name is Fresh, I am looking for a dj job. I can play any type of music, just send me a headsup and I'll download some songs. I am looking for atleast 150 pay, plus tips. I'll be fine with only tips... I just want a Job
  3. Hey Everyone, My In Game Name Is DjKingGabe and I am looking for a dj Job, I am looking for someone to hire me so I can get money, buy a house and etc. I am not a new member, I know what my profile says. I have had an older account in they past. I have had a job before and Am looking for a new one. I use Mixxx for my Dj Buisness. I am looking for A club to work at or any place that needs a dj. I can play 5-10 Hours daily and play lots of music. I do not have a microphone, I stream my music :D. Please Message me in Game :D Thanks
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