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  1. Devils Renegades MC is looking for Hosts & DJs! We have a few already in our MC but we want some fresh faces to come rock our clubhouse! All applicants must be comfortable with bikers, members from other MCs are welcome as well! We have a wide range of things to do on the land - Hosts & DJs can work in the clubhouse or bowling alley! Hosts Must: Be 30 days or olderHave experienceBe bubbly, fun, out-going DJs Must: Be 30 days or olderHave experienceUse mic Have a stream that supports 50 listeners or moreAll genres are welcome (especially rock :matte-motes-wink-tongue:)Love to party and have fun Both Hosts & DJs earn 100% tips! If you're interested write a Note Card for Berrabin Aura, DJSmelly Resident, or DevilsRenegadesMC Resident! :matte-motes-smile: Limo to Devils Renegades MC
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