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  1. Not sure if this is the right place to post it,, and maybe people allready started a post about this, but I couldn't find it. 

    This is my second ava. No problem there, I paid a lot for my first, now I think I look great with only freebies and stuff I got from friends. But I like to look at other ava's, see if they have something I  like and want to. 

    Maybe it is me, but since Mesh took over on SL, I feel left out. I got freebies enough, no problem there, but it is just so hard to look good like I think I do now. Is it me, or does everyone look the swame since the Mesh took over? Can Mesh people see me ok? Will I have to start all over again with my ava?  And am I the only one who thinks all the Mesh-ava's look the same ?


    If anyone has answers to this, please share them, can't think I am the only one thinking about this.


    Sorry my English isn't that good

  2. After years of being on SL, I decided to quit. Deleted my ava, and went on. Then I came back one day, hoping to have as much fun as I always had. It worked, but only a while. Then I left again, didn't delete the ava, forgot my password, but somehow retrieved it. Now I try to look as much as possible like my old me, just doesn't really work if you are not spending money anymore :-) And a lot of places I bought my stuff from are gone..... Just wanted to share, because I am having a great time again.....  I did find some pics again, just not sure how to post them...


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