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  1. Not sure if this is the right place to post it,, and maybe people allready started a post about this, but I couldn't find it. This is my second ava. No problem there, I paid a lot for my first, now I think I look great with only freebies and stuff I got from friends. But I like to look at other ava's, see if they have something I like and want to. Maybe it is me, but since Mesh took over on SL, I feel left out. I got freebies enough, no problem there, but it is just so hard to look good like I think I do now. Is it me, or does everyone look the swame since the Mesh took over? Can Mesh people see me ok? Will I have to start all over again with my ava? And am I the only one who thinks all the Mesh-ava's look the same ? If anyone has answers to this, please share them, can't think I am the only one thinking about this. Sorry my English isn't that good
  2. Thank you. I knew about the others from taking pictures. Thanks again
  3. Hi, I was just wondering if you can change the Sun Position to midday, so where ever you go it will be midday, and not night or something else?
  4. After years of being on SL, I decided to quit. Deleted my ava, and went on. Then I came back one day, hoping to have as much fun as I always had. It worked, but only a while. Then I left again, didn't delete the ava, forgot my password, but somehow retrieved it. Now I try to look as much as possible like my old me, just doesn't really work if you are not spending money anymore :-) And a lot of places I bought my stuff from are gone..... Just wanted to share, because I am having a great time again..... I did find some pics again, just not sure how to post them...
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