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  1. Hey all! I'm currently in the process of starting a socialite group ( sort of like a sorority) for ladies that like to rp and explore secondlife. If interested please msg me for requirements and more info. xo
  2. Thanks for the suggestions that looks like exactly what I will have to do:)
  3. Looking for a social group inworld that likes going to events such as live concerts, book clubs, poetry readings,etc. Urban and out of the box events. Suggestions welcome....msg or comment:)
  4. tried all suggestions and its still there unfortunately. back to maitreya i go:(
  5. thx everyone ill try the suggestions
  6. I have the belleza body and using a fiore skin and i cant seem to fix a gap in my neck...i tried the neck sheath from the body hud but then i end up with 2 different colours on my neck...any suggestions? thx
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