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  1. works fine! and its not an old model its the newest one! lol thought i was getting the intel 5000 ened up being intel graphics hd 6000 which look superb on high
  2. it works fine its the lattest imac with intel graphics hd 6000 can run sl very well actually!
  3. i sure will! but i still have a chance to cange the order ive been looking at a ASUS compact gaming pc specs are Intel™ Core® i7 4790 3.6 GHz processor 1TB hard drive 12GB DDR3 memory NVIDIA GeForce GTX750 2GB graphic memory would i be better to get this? im really no good with tech and this comes with mouse and keyboard but what else would i need? just a monitor right? just put it all together with the wires etc and its all set up? reason for me getting a i mac was because it all came in one together...
  4. damn you! haha but yes likely this will be a huge step as i was only using a 2008 dell dont know the actual model name but it ran sl okay with low settings... i will just have to wait untill monday i will kepp you posted! again ty for replying
  5. well guess im going to have to invest in getting my local pc store to install a better graphics card! thanks for replying but you really just rubbed salt in my wound haha!
  6. so i just ordered a i mac online it arrives monday but wondering will i be able to use sl okay on it? here are specs 1.4GHz dual core intel Core i5 processor Turbo boost up to 2.7GHz 8GB memory 500GB hard drive intel graphics 5000
  7. so my laptop recently blew on me needed a new one anyway was just wondering which would be the best laptop/pc to buy for £500 to run sl "okay"
  8. soooo my laptop which i was using SL for the past year has just blown on me... about time, needed a new one anyway im just curious does anyone know which device would be the best to buy to run SL on for £500? pc/laptop? and which one?
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