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  1. I was wondering what other child avatars did if some one was treating you bad or being rude. I know blocking them helps but if you did that and they still find a way to be rude or what not. also if they are always around anway and rude to you what would you do? I would like to know what others experences are with this kind of things.
  2. I fixed the complex to unlimited. im not wearing much on my avatar and had been gone some time so my avatar not changed at all. but when i came back and the update viewer happen now some people see me as green doll. i dont know why but i fixed what it said and still nothing f.or some reason some dont see me like normal any ideas how to figure this out and fix it so all see me not a green thing? also could it be their pc as well because most people who are around me use the 64 bit viewer for firestorm and cant but same time my mommy can see me just fine on her pc.
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