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  1. Thank you I am going to do that right now cause I looked in my lost and found there's nothing there. I am going to do this right now cause everything I have is gone.
  2. Hi,Reader Not sure where I should've posted this . The modeling company I was working for (Left the company after this took place last night) A few co-workers and I was living on the land owned by the company owner. Now the owner has been MIA for three months going on four. As of yesturday as far as I know the land has been returned to LL and all my stuff that's not copyable is gone . I can't find them in my invetory at all. So my question is are the items in my invetory or am I not looking in the right place? Thank you for reading and your help.
  3. I am kinda lost you pay for premium to buy land but you also have to pay in lindens to buy the mainland right? So when I also pay in lindens is it a one time price for the mainland? Thank you -Lunamoons
  4. LunasMoons

    Land Auctions

    I didn't even know I can just get the land. which I would rather have.Is there away I can get the land now that I have a Linden Home which I don't want?Thank you
  5. LunasMoons

    Land Auctions

    With the Land Auctions is it a one time fee after wining or is there still a monthly payment after?
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