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  1. Thank you I am going to do that right now cause I looked in my lost and found there's nothing there. I am going to do this right now cause everything I have is gone.
  2. Hi,Reader Not sure where I should've posted this . The modeling company I was working for (Left the company after this took place last night) A few co-workers and I was living on the land owned by the company owner. Now the owner has been MIA for three months going on four. As of yesturday as far as I know the land has been returned to LL and all my stuff that's not copyable is gone . I can't find them in my invetory at all. So my question is are the items in my invetory or am I not looking in the right place? Thank you for reading and your help.
  3. Thank you so much for understanding and knowing whats it's about.
  4. Two different things learn the difference. I don't think a sugar daddy would want be dressed in a pink tutu and be called Sissy Bi***. :matte-motes-silly:
  5.  Hello reader I am Mistress Luna who has more then 5+ years in the BDSM Commuity as a Mistress in real life. Right now I am not currently active in the BDSM Commuity at the moment. For the past 3 years I have been highly interested in becoming a Findom . So I am currently seeking one or maybe two slave cash cows for financial games (Financial Domination ) on here that would slowly become more into real life. You may be male or female due to me being bisexual and your english doesn't have to be 100% perfect for me to understand just has to be clear enough. I am believer in getting to know each other before play. Over all you are still human. Here is what I want and you are going to give it to me. All your money and you get nothing in return. You pay our bills,take us shopping,carry our shopping bags,wallet raping,tribute weekly,maybe if your lucky I might wear what you like ,and so much more. You can not be owned cause if I find out you'll be in a world of trouble. Also I prefer someone who is a true cash cow and knows his or her's place automatically. So if you are into orgasm control,chastity,humiliation,being mind **bleep**ed,and etc Contact me Loser
  6. I understand much better now .
  7. I am kinda lost you pay for premium to buy land but you also have to pay in lindens to buy the mainland right? So when I also pay in lindens is it a one time price for the mainland? Thank you -Lunamoons
  8. LunasMoons

    Land Auctions

    I didn't even know I can just get the land. which I would rather have.Is there away I can get the land now that I have a Linden Home which I don't want?Thank you
  9. LunasMoons

    Land Auctions

    With the Land Auctions is it a one time fee after wining or is there still a monthly payment after?
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