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  1. I've been looking through preferences and I can't find a place to turn off head following. I've selected some options, but none of them seemed to work.
  2. Alright. I checked again and it just recently changed to needing payment info if I want to access it. Thank you for the information.
  3. It's the parcel, not the entire region. I can go everywhere around it. It's not someone's home, it's a place for all the games to be played. Stuff like reward clover, fishing, etc. I checked the about land and it's unchecked for only allowing people in a certain group.
  4. I checked and I'm not banned on this land, yet I keep having this message pop up. When I first tried to teleport to it, it pushed me away from the spot. I didn't block anything on it that could prevent me from entering. I can still see it and avis that are on it when I open the mini map. I had no problem entering anywhere else and I don't have anything deselected in my preferences that should prevent me from entering. I also received a pop up saying I needed to be in a certain group at the same time, but it's not required.
  5. Normally something will pop up on your screen saying why you were kicked off. It might be set to private property and you aren't on the list to enter.
  6. Duldee

    Changing the name

    Go to profile and click edit display name. You can't change the account name, premimium member or not, so your new name will just float above your account name.
  7. I make all my sound files in Audacity. They are less than 10 seconds. They are saved as .wav files. They are 44.1k. I checked all the requirements and made sure I was doing everything correctly, and I am, but SL keeps telling me I'm not using a supported file. I've tried this on both the Second Life and Firestorm viewers and on different computers. No difference at all. Please help. Edit: The file I'm uploading is 2 1/2 seconds longs and it saves as WAV (Microsoft) signed 16 bit PCM
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