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  1. Hi! I desperatly want a personal radio... One that either only i hear, or is brodcast within a limited range and is not brodcast to the entire parcel. Is this possible? Thanks edit... the issue is, that there are multiple clubs in a single parcel and i need something to alow them to either play local music or give the guests the ability to choose their own personal music...
  2. I'm looking to buy my first piece of the mainland and was wondering if land impact rights (per square meter) varied from one piece to the next. .. Thanks
  3. My friend and I want to earn some L by playing games tonight. .. Any one have suggestions for which games to play? Thanks!
  4. Hi! I accepted a bunch of things from different people at the beginning of the game. Recently, I found out that people give out malicious objects. .. Is there a way to find and remove them from my inventory? Thanks
  5. Hi! I put on a pair of shoes and tried to edit their location... now i have one shoe stuck in my leg on all my avis.. Please help. Thanks
  6. Hi! I'd like to be able to chat in world from my phone. How do I do this? Thanks!
  7. Hi! I just upgraded and got me linden home... Before i unpack, i was wondering if i can get a free home in an adult community? Thanks!
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