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  1. As mentioned since the new update with the skeletal features I've noticed some of my dresses no longer fit, eg skin bleeds through. It's mostly around the shoulder blade/mid to upper back area. I have a Maitreya Lara mesh body and unfortunately I cannot always resolve this issue with the Maitreya Alpha Hud either. Surely this cannot just be happening to me?
  2. Just to say I've got my head on lol and THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR ALL YOUR HELP x
  3. Thank you Syo Emerald thats a really great explanation for a noob like me really appreciate it
  4. Alwin Alcott wrote: appliers for faces will not work if you don't own a mesh head. In that case you need a normal skin with appliers for the body ... Thank you Alwin, skins appear to be the full body (although I just want the face to go along with my Lara body which I bought cos its easier to dress) so Im not really understanding the term 'face appliers' as Ive not seen any, would they come with a full skin? Im quite happy to get myself a mesh head as long as I know it will end up with the face I want, which only appears to be possible if I also purchase a skin... sorry for being a pain! PS if this helps at all this is the face I want lol - https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/LIMITED-PROMO-WoW-Skins-Warda-Milk-full-pack/3638720
  5. OK so Ive bought myself the Maitreya Lara Body for starters, no problems there. I then went looking for skins so I could find a face that resembles my own, found one I like, got the demo but when I tried that it changed the body but not the face :( I then went and got the demo for a LeLutka head and tried the skin demo again but again no change to the face. Im now in a state of total confusion I dont know if I need a mesh head or not to use the skin with the face I like or how to get the face of a skin to appear with my Maitreya mesh body etc etc Can somebody please help me get my avatar up and running Im wasting so much time trying to figure this out myself, tou will have my eternal gratitude if you can xxx
  6. Hi wondered if any of you experienced SL folk could help me resolve a little problem I have. Firstly I have more than enough L$ in my account to purchase what I want (Maitreya Lara) and I can buy things from the Marketplace but when I try to buy the Lara body at the Maitreya In World store (I can't find it on the Marketplace) it tells me I have L$0. Can anybody help please, much appreciated if you can :)
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