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  1. Maybe you should post specifically what you're looking for? Personality etc.
  2. *Found a roomate* Thanks for viewing^^
  3. Hi there! My name is Coral:) I'm currently looking for a roommate. I live on a private beachland, I love beaches^^. I am looking for someone that I can hang out with as well and potentially befriend. Possibly a best friend for the world bond would be cool:D Okay so maybe that's too much to ask for--I'm just joking around haha. It's not necessary to be super oober close, but I'd like to at least be able to hold a conversation with you, don't be a ghost hahaXD. I do have a partner but I barely see him, go figure. So having someone around would be awesome socks! I'm typically on at nights. I like to play greedy, capture and edit photos. I enjoy being silly and just having a good time. It's sl after all:P I would ask that you help to pay rent. I only pay it weekly so I would only expect a week from you. One week is $1,498L. Not the full month. The land is already decorated, but we could rearrange a few things if necessary. I expect you to be courteous as well, if you have a million friends and would like to host a partaayy or something LOL please let me know in advance.... so I can help set it up! XD I think that covers the just of it. If you have any questions and are interested, please leave a message either through the forums on inworld. :D Thanks for viewing! Have a great day/night! ~ Coral
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