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  1. I first joined the community and downloaded the software on 10/28. My first day was successful in navigating the area. It is currently 10/29. I logged on, launched the viewer, and my avatar appeared as a white floating blob resembling a spirit or ghost of sorts. No effort to display a body was successful. What is the first step in resolving a computer-related issue? Turn it off and on again. I quit the application, restarted my computer, and attempted to launch the viewer. I received this message: "Second Life is unable to access a file that it needs. This can be because you somehow have multiple copies running, or your system incorrectly thinks a file is open. If this message persists, restart your computer and try again. If it continues to persist, you may need to completely uninstall Second Life and reinstall it." I completely uninstalled everything related to Second Life. I restarted my computer, and I reinstalled Second Life. Upon relaunching the viewer, lo and behold I receive the same message. Nothing seems to work. I am on a Windows 8 PC with plenty of space for the application. Is there a remedy to this issue or should I give up and leave the SL community? Thank you.
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