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  1. Hi , i own a store and i need artist for some textures for every item i make , depending on your price and ability to do textures i need. I mostly need textures i can't make myself , usually it's some decorative elements like roses and shoes. I hate to do metal parts and i need usually uses in SL kinda glossy shoes textures , maybe latex but it can be hard for you. So i expect to get white (for recoloring) and black version. Could be nice if you could make this set for all parts of item so it could look nice together. I'll give u Ao and maps u need including colors u ask for it as base. Now i need u asap and for future if you are ok with normal prices not over high , i can create items twice faster and you'll get more job , so it's kinda job not 1 comission. I really annoyed by texturinga s i'm mostly content creator not artist and waste month for texturing is not good for me. You can manipulate whatev er you want in google , use whatever you want and need from google , i don't care if you'll not kinda draw it from zero , you can use photoshop as far as u need , i just have no time and energy. So i expect just get textures and what's happening behind scene i don't care. I need final result. Would be great if u have items you textured to see cause i don't think its' easy to do. P.S would be just great if you can also draw metalic fabric for example metalic dress and latex. Send me Nc to Hallstreem resident Ty. This post will be available for a years forward cause i need artist at any time.
  2. Hi. Store .:: Horrifically delicious :: is searching furry bloggers who have Kemono body and some of mods. Atm i'm not interested if you have no blog so if you have working blog you work on ( not once a year) it'll be your plus. Send notecdard to Hallstreem Resident.
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