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  1. Hey there! We are looking for a few siblings possibly cousins for my teenage daughter . I am currently an only child to my Papa and I have a teenage daughter from my hubby-to-be. Please tell us about yourself and what you are looking for in the family, dirty stuff on your profile is absolutely fine unless you don't over-do it around family members, as well as drama too. We do not have time for that. My Papa is a can be strict at times (when needed). Here is a picture of us.
  2. You can have one by searching maternity.But i highly recommend Mama Allpa because it is great it gives you a free baby, But to be pregnant you must make love (you must have a female HUD and your partner must have male) or you can set your pregnancy status without a male then when it comes you get the baby to give a name you must have momys tummy created by AvaDore Casamdum you can take ultrasound at week 12.There are many shape shifters like SA mama allpa preg shapeshifter.Or you can make your own.Go get your Mama Allpa at mainstore just search mama allpa. good luck with that
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