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  1. Hi everyone. I am putting together a surprise birthday party for my hubby. I did have a DJ lined up, but he has stopped replying to my IM’s. Now I’m working on short notice. Sighs. The party is to be on 1 April 2021 from 8pm to 10pm SLT. The theme will be 70’s – 80’s disco. Me and my partner are both male and there will be other gays there as well. Just saying…so you don’t end up feeling uncomfortable. 😊 The venue is all set up. All you would have to do is be there playing your groovy disco music. You would be welcome to set up a tip jar and I will also pay your fee for the event. Please get in touch with me and we can meet up to discuss. As I said I’m now working on short notice and hope to send out the invitations in the next 24 hours.
  2. Hi everyone. I need a DJ for a party that I'm putting together. It will be on the 2nd of April from 8:00pm until 10:pm SL time. The theme is going to be 'disco'. So that's 2 hours of disco music from the 70's and 80's. The venue is all set up and includes a cool DJ booth. So all you would have to do is sit and play your disco music. Ideally, I would like to catch one of your gigs before hand so I can see how good you. Happy to pay what ever your going rate is and you could also set up a tip jar. Please contact me in world if you are interested. Thanking you.
  3. Skell, thank you very much for taking the time to explain that. I will give it a go.
  4. So I have brought the latest Legacy body and the Lelutka 'Skyler' head. I also have head and body skins from Stray Dog as well as BOM hairbases and beards sets from Volkstone. I haven’t chosen eyes yet. Can’t for the life on me work out how to put it all together. Wonder if one of you smart people might be willing to talk me through it (happy to pay) or maybe point me to a tutorial?
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